Ian Whitehead

Fees Per Hour
£227.00 to £497.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Clarity Coach

Who Do I Help?

I help overwhelmed aspiring entrepreneurs find an online business model that’s right for them.

About Me

90% of Start up online businesses fail within the first 120 days. I should know, I was one of them. There are many reason why this was, overwhelming amount of choices, confusion from all the external noise, someone telling me I should do this, and then someone telling me I should do that. But I have now come to learn that the main reason for my failure, was me…
You see, I didn’t know what my “why”, was. Why did I want to set up an online business?
For the extra money, of course!
What a silly question…
That is the belief I had, when I first started trying this online business malarky, however, after failing, it was only when I hired a coach that I realised that the idea of making extra money on the side, was just the surface level reason as to why I wanted an online business of my own. It wasn’t my real reason, not my vision.
Look we all have our “why”. But it is only with laser focused questioning do we understand what that why is below the surface level, and how this aligns to our vision and core values.
After going through this deep questioning myself, I finally understood what my “why”, was. I gained clarity. The overwhelm, confusion and noise seemed to disappear.
Now I could line my ladder up against the right wall and start to climb the online business world. And here I am. Now in a position to help you gain that clarity of what your “why” is. Shine a light on what you already know but cannot see.
Not only that but I then take you on a journey to understand the different options available to you, lets face it, there is a lot of noise out there as to what you should be doing. I help you cut through that noise, shake off the overwhelm and put together a clear plan for which wall you stand your ladder against.
However this is still not enough everyone of us have our own limiting beliefs, beliefs that hold us back from taking that next step up the ladder. This is where my coaching really comes to the fore. Together we tackle your limiting beliefs head on, to ensure you can take that next step up the ladder, and the next, and the next.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Masters 2023
APM qualified Project Manager 2018
Bachelor of Arts Business Management 2008


I offer an “Online Business Kickstarter 12-Week Coaching Programme” at $1997. This comprises of:
– Initial 2 hour deep-dive breakthrough session
– Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions – Tailored to meet your specific needs
– Custom plan and action steps for you to follow
– Regular accountability check ins
– Business hour availability via WhatsApp
– End of programme deep-dive
– Chance to enrol for free on our MasterMind programme

How I Work

– I work online via video session, which includes a recording of our session and typed session notes.
– Depending on client location and circumstances the end of programme deep dive may be completed as part of a Challenge day, which will involve a physical challenge.


“I had an amazing session with Ian, he helped me clear the fog of noise and create goals that have helped me push on in my business” – Amy B