Georgia Blair

Fees Per Hour
£120.00 to £323.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Confidence + Mindset Coach
Pink-Haired Scottish Powerhouse

Who Do I Help?

I help women business owners to show up as the best version of themselves. By helping them to gain clarity and step out of their comfort zone so they can go after what they truly desire in life with ease.

About Me

My name is Georgia or Georgia Rae as I’m known in the coaching industry. I have always felt like I was put on this planet for so much more than working a basic 9-5 in these constant toxic environments and I was right. I finally found my calling. To help people live the lives they have always dreamed about. These lives are 100% possible if you are ready to commit to yourself and push through the hard times instead of giving up at the first hurdle. I want you to become the best version of yourself and feel fully aligned in everything you do. When you are aligned you are at one with everything including yourself. You love what you do and you love your life. You’re finally passionate and wake up every morning with a huge grin on your face thinking “This is my life and I created this”.
I am here to help you find clarity so you can live an aligned life as the best version of you.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Professional Life Coach Certification- Udemy
Life Experience


I offer a 12 week Showing Up as HER coaching program. This includes 12 weekly calls and 6 workbooks that work through topics such as Mindset, Confidence, Clarity and Strategy as well as bi-weekly activities related to each topic. Last but not least 12 weeks of Voxer support to ask me everything and anything. All this for £1818. Payment plans are available.

My Confidence + Clarity sessions are a one-off and consist of a 60-90 min recorded session to help you gain clarity in your business and the confidence to take action on the strategy we come up with for you. Followed by 1 week of Voxer Support. For £333.

How I Work

I mostly work online on Zoom, however, I am happy to do in-person sessions if you live nearby.


“After my FIRST session with Georgia, I gained clarity on exactly this path. One of the main points we discussed was how I was going to help people, this is my true purpose and I wanted to incorporate this! With Georgia’s advice, we pinpointed this and I actioned it with a few nudges from Georgia (due to me lacking the confidence) I got the business up and running, started my social media (this was the scariest part) & it has honestly been the best thing I have ever done”- Sophie

“Thank you so much! I just wanted to let you know I got to take the leap and quit my office job today to begin building my business full-time. Thank you for your help!” – Hannah

“Talking through my ideas with you (and there were many) we gained some clarity on which path I should go down, the one that I was most passionate about, which you guided me too. Also, you spurred me on to get back into my manifesting & my mindset work which I really needed to do! You’re honestly amazing, the call was so easy and we worked through everything from mindset to confidence to business. Found the points where I needed help and gained clarity on those! Thank you so much.”- Sophie

“After getting to know Georgia as a friend this past year, she could tell I was struggling with my business and ready to throw in the towel. We set up a clarity call and discussed the good, the bad and all the ugly that I was dealing with. She challenged me to dig deeper within my brand by answering several challenging clarity questions. Less than a week after our call I had already implemented several strategies we discussed. My confidence has grown immensely since our call, and she gave me the reassurance I needed to conquer 2022 like a boss!” -Tailor Jane