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Gary Monkman

Fees Per Hour
£90.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Transformation Package is where we work together, breaking down old ideas and thought patterns. Construct new visions, ideas, and pathways to transition into your new life, job, or relationship.

Who Do I Help?

I help LGBTQ2S people and Allies with a negative mindset / coping with life changes and feeling stuck.
Find true purpose and live life on their own terms.

About Me

My name is Gary W. Monkman, I am 51 years old and have had an extensive history of assisting people to reach their goals and overcome many issues. Some are working with breast cancer outpatients by taking them rock climbing to adjudicated youth on a three-week wilderness canoe trip. I have been married and divorced, I have one adult child and I am a Gay man.
Transition for me has always been part of my reality. Starting at the young adult age of coming out as a gay man, then love relationships – marriage, divorce having a son, transitioning so many life stages and journeys. Stating a business selling it, working for a company I thought I would retire with then being let go. Career transition, still supporting a family…
I have started youth camps for youth who needed a safe place to out into the world as being who they want to be Gay, BI, Lesbian, Transitioning orientation, or out of orientation. I have supported many in our community who have been rejected by their families or loved ones, who are using substances to cope with their lack of transition.
Yes, I feel this opportunity to help / Coach people through the transition will be beneficial and needed to my community.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Master 2021/ Certificate from Red River College in Counselling / Advanced B.A. In Psychology with Focus on Adventure Based Counselling / Activity Based Therapy / B.Sc. In Business Administration / Diploma from Sault College in Community Service Worker / Self-employed owning and managing Adventure Education Manitoba for 16 years. Went into the field of Developmental Disabilities as a program coordinator for 8 years.
Currently, I am self-employed as a consultant for team building, corporate facilitation, business development.


I offer a 12-week Transitional Program that helps individuals transition from where they are now to where they want to achieve.
I offer a 5-week Accountability Program that assists individuals who know what they want to get to that place and keeps them on task and accountable.
I free Discovery session where we figure out if you and I are a good match and help understand what it is exactly I can do for you.

How I Work

I work online using Zoom or Skype. I can record each session so clients can play it back. I also use email to keep up with assignments that will be given out at the end of each session. I also use Whatsapp to allow clients to contact me if they need assistance with anything.


Melanie Henery ” At first, I thought I knew want I wanted out of my sessions with Gary. It turns out there was a side of me that just wasn’t satisfied with much. After some deep diving into my root cause of unhappiness and enlightening moments. I am on a completely different path than I started out and feel so re-energized and refocussed. There is much change ahead but I am ready to take it on. ” Gary, thank you ! So happy to have you as my past coach and definitely my future coach.

Rue Thomason ” I was transitioning from Male to Female and needed a very open and honest person to help me understand all my options and help me through a very grey area of family and friendship issues with my transitioning. He was supportive, authentic and always present. When things just got dark for me Gary would lighten up the mood with a bad Dad joke. Just those little things during our sessions reminded me that he was here for me. I look back on that time of transition and am so thankful to have had Gary as my coach. “