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Franklin Kington

Fees Per Hour
£30.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Coaching Professional: Single Mothers With young Children

Who Do I Help?

I Help troublesome kids develop the mindset to transform their lives and become outstanding role models in the communiy and life in general living lives of abundance and happiness.

About Me

After experiencing racism and bullying as a child, Frankie Kington experimented with smoking cannabis, injecting amphetamines known as speed, and taking other drugs during his turbulent teenage years. As a young adult, he felt a sense of hopelessness which led him to smoke crack cocaine.

Despite all the challenges he faced, Frankie turned his life around and found value and a true purpose. His love of learning led him on a variety of paths before he decided to pursue his passion for mentoring and inspiring young people.

Find out how Frankie changed from a troublesome kid to a successful entrepreneur. Let him take you on his journey from addiction to enlightenment and show you how he turned his life around. Read his true story of succeeding against all the odds with its inspiring message of hope.

Frankie Kington is an entrepreneur, mentor and public speaker, known as The Wise Entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping and inspiring young people to fulfil their true potential and to avoid the mistakes he made in his youth. Frankie nurtures young people’s skills and encourages them to overcome the obstacles they inevitably encounter. He empowers young people to make the most of the opportunities open to them and to realize that achieving goals and dreams is possible for everyone, no matter what background they come from or how much money they have.

He shares his own powerful story openly in the belief that it will prevent young people from getting caught up in drug abuse, alcohol addiction or violence and crime.

His mission is to empower one million young people to become inspiring entrepreneurs and thought leaders in society over the next 30 years to become the next generation of entrepeneurs and thought leaders. Although he may not be around to see this goal come to fruition, he is determined to get the ball rolling by inspiring 5 to 25 year olds through his mentoring and coaching programmes.

Find out more about Frankie Kington on his website http://www.frankiekington.co.uk. Be inspired by the videos on his Youtube channel:Frankie kington Life coach Empowering Youth Development and connect with Frankie on LinkedIn. If you would like to get in touch with him, he’d lov to hear from you. His email address is frankie.lisafruitfulleaders@gmail.com

Training, Qualifications & Experience

ILM 8 Mentoring and coaching : 2017-2019, ICA Masters in Coaching:2019-2020,Toastmasters International Public Speaking Organisation 2017-2020,Andy Harrington:Public and Motivational Jet set Speaker: University Degree in Public Speaking 2018-2020.


12 weel Empowerment Program 1,800 pounds flexible payment options, The Wise Entrepreneur Flying on the inside and reaching new heights – growing pains: just pay postage and package for hardcover-paperback-Kindle version or E-book the choice is yours,free lifetime coaching and mentoring up to 4hrs a month with me,A free youtube video on my channel to promote who you are or a live podcast with me on my channel

How I Work

Oniline zoom sessions recorded optional, face to face or email coaching


Samuel Curless
Business In The Community

Here is my testimonial for your reference.

My name is Samuel Curless this is my testimonial for Frankie Kingston as a life Coach & business mentor. Upon meeting Frankie at my local job centre, I soon started to admire his positivity, insight, knowledge, wisdom, courage, determination and amicable attitude. I know I can call upon Frankie anytime for business advice, emotional support, family advice and much more because he has a genuine heart felt desire to better himself by doing what is right by those people around him. Frankie puts others first and sacrifices his time so we can progress.
See this is one of the many remarkable things about Frankie. Although he is almost twice my age and so has experience much more than me, he remains humble, he listens to me and cares for my progression as if it is his own. Truly a wonderful, delightful Coach who I learn from continually every time we talk. . Early in the morning, late at night Frankie Kington has been there, mentoring me in my ambition.
Frankie has highlighted many pitfalls that would have set me back years if not for the advice. He has opened doors for me I may have struggled to opened on my own. I have a list of trustworthy contacts as long as my arm,, thanks too,, Frankie Kington.