Cinthya Lechat

Fees Per Hour
£100.00 to £250.00
Session Type
English, French
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Coach and NLP Practitioner

Who Do I Help?

I help expat women in their 20s and 30s who are feeling lost, find clarity and become the happiest version of themselves.

About Me

I believe life should be enjoyed and lived fully. I see too many people doing jobs they hate, living one day after the other without ever feeling that deep fulfilment they deserve.

As an expat, it is easy to feel lost and to lack clarity. I used to be this person, I used to wake up every morning unmotivated, sad and anxious. Doing a job I hated just to pay the bills. I was unhappy and had no purpose. I was jumping from plane to plane in the hope that a new country would solve my pain.

Until one day I decided it was time to take back control and finally invest in myself and my happiness. Coaching has changed my life and I have now made it my mission to help expat women create the life they truly desire. With the help of powerful questions and techniques, we will work together in finding out who you are, creating that strong mindset and I will help you become your happiest self.

Life is too short. Take back control and choose happiness.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Master 2020
NLP Practitioner 2021
Expat since 2013


12-week signature programme: includes the initial 2-hour breakthrough session, weekly 1-hour coaching session via Zoom, 7-day support via message/email. Package price: £1497.

How I Work

All my sessions are done via a free software called Zoom. You will receive a link prior to each session. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop/phone and a quiet/private place to sit.


Words cannot describe how happy I am that Cinthya is always there for me! After just one session I felt the positive change in my life and I’m so grateful – Sylvia

Cinthya is a fantastic coach. She has a patient, calm and soothing approach and style. During our sessions, I feel confident and relaxed. This allows me the opportunity to open up and be honest which is something I have found challenging previously. Cinthya has helped me overcome various thoughts and beliefs that I didn’t really want were there and that held me back. I feel empowered and I am starting to finally feel happy within myself!
Thank you Cinthya for this life-changing opportunity! – Becca

What a beautiful person Cinthya is, inside and out. She was very patient with me and listened intently. She helped me to remove my blind spots and I was then able to see what was staring me in the face. Constantly encouraged me and kept me accountable. I found her very easy to talk to and feel like I’ve known her for years. A truly wonderful coach. – Sheila

Cinthya is very patient and open in her approach. I could feel that she didn’t judge and was there to help me to become clear on my struggles and to get the best out of myself. She also has a very bright personality which immediately made me feel so much lighter! – Alissa

Cinthya is an amazing Coach. She created a safe space where I felt welcomed. She allowed me to talk my heart out and patiently listened with kindness and no judgement. Cinthya is doing her best to find the good in you, what makes you happy and lift you as much as possible. After the session, I had more clarity and understanding. Thank you for your time. – Shari