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Charlotte Browning

Fees Per Hour
£0.00 to £250.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Coach working with forward thinking innovative companies and individuals to save time and maximise productivity and outcome.

Who Do I Help?

I work with forward thinking innovative companies and individuals to maximise productivity and outcome and save them time.

About Me

From someone who was very ‘stuck’ for a very long time to someone who is now ‘on the move’ in a trajectory of success and happiness!

For 12 years I was in the same job, in the same company, in an unfulfilling role, with no promotion, no financial growth and no progression of any sort on the cards. I had moved to London in an attempt to change things but they remained……the same.

It turns out – everywhere you go – there you are!!

Something had to give. Four years ago I changed my life. Changed my lifestyle, changed my mindset, changed alot of friends, gave up things that did not serve me and took action to do things that did. I also GOT BRAVE.

With a solid amount of time under my belt practising a changed mindset and thus gaining some of self esteem things fundamentally changed. I came across a job that incorporated some incredibly powerful world class Coaching and Training (and an £11,000 payrise) and I went for it. A job I NEVER would have gone for and did not think I was capable of getting or doing! After an initial set back (not getting the job and taking another I hated) I persevered (really??!!) and the job came back to me!! There ensued two years looking after 40 plus start up entrepreneurs. Working harder than I ever thought I could, handling ten times as much as I would have dared, facing challenges I never thought I would get through and learning more in two years than I had done in twelve.

What I stand her saying to you now is (I quote Henry Ford) ‘Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant……….you’re probably right’.

It was time to do it for myself. Im here – the CEO of my own Company Leverage Limited. I will not put my future in the hands of anyone but myself. And the great news is – you dont have to either!

I am UNEQUIVOCALLY determined in my mission help others do the same. Trust, honesty, generosity, kindness, willingness & commitment are key. I’d love to teach as many people as possible the tools I have implemented to get me to this point of success and freedom in my life.

I will help you Leverage your mind and your time to get better results. You don’t need more – you need to Leverage what you have. (Leverage; noun – use something to maximum advantage)

No-one succeeds alone. There’s more good news – You dont have to!!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Two years with World Number 1 Training & Coaching Company (Keller Williams) – 2018 – 2020
TCM – Foundation Accreditation


At a cost of £1497.00 I offer my programme – Leverage Limitless: A Twelve week Coaching package comprising of an Initial 1.5 hour REVEAL session to uncover your ‘stucks’ and pain points and plan for the weeks ahead. Weekly 1 hour sessions will then keep you on track, uncover any any bumps in the road and steer you forward on the road to succeeding your Business (and thus personal) goals.
A stand alone REVEAL session is £250.00.

I have larger packages for teams of 2/3 and established companies wanting more Leverage – please see website for details. These start at £1497 pcm.

How I Work

I work online via Zoom which includes recorded session. These sessions are followed up with Positive Focus Feedback by mail to keep up weekly momentum. I use project boards in Asana so you can a keep a Tool Box of your learning and the Tools to continuously refer to through your journey and your future.


‘If you are looking for leverage, Charlotte Bee Browning is your person. Few people in this world care as much as she does. She goes the extra mile, is extremely hard-working and I’m so delighted to see her building her own business and playing to her strengths and passions. Dedicated, trustworthy with 100% Integrity and a genuinely wonderful human being. I would highly recommend her services’. Danny M, My City Nest

I’ve never seen anyone work so hard and yet be so kind, caring and genuinely want the best for the people around her! Bee’s skills and talents were outstanding when she was working closely with 40+ agents in KW at any one time. I can’t even imagine how amazing she’ll be working with clients and business on a one-to-one basis! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for leverage in their life to contact Bee, immediately! I know that I will be in contact in the future.’ Oliver H