Belinda Warburton

Fees Per Hour
£150.00 to £300.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

I am an internationally certified and accredited body confidence coach and owner of Bee’s Boutique a ladies independent clothing store.

Who Do I Help?

I help 40+ women with low self esteem transform their mindset to build unshakeable body confidence, particularly around their ageing and changing bodies.

About Me

​Do you feel held back by your lack of body confidence, look in the mirror and hate what you see, cry silently after another failed shopping trip, turn out the light when getting intimate? Have you felt a failure when the next diet hasn’t worked and you’ve given up, stopped going out because you feel uncomfortable in everything you put on, refused to exercise because you think everyone will stare at you, passed up applying for your dream job because you didn’t feel like you would fit in?

I know and understand your pain because that was me for over 20 years and I am here to tell you that doesn’t have to be your future, interested in knowing how? Read on.

My low self-esteem and body image issues started in my very early teens, and continued for over 20 years. It held me back from achieving in all aspects of my life, and it took two life changing events to make me realise I needed to change my mindset.

It has been a journey, involving self help techniques and mindset/confidence coaching which has made the most powerful changes in me. I have learnt powerful ways to hold myself accountable and to keep me moving forward that I now enjoy as part of my daily life.

​What if you could have unshakeable body confidence, you could look in the mirror naked a love what you see, you could go shopping and find clothes you love that you feel great in, you could enjoy intimacy without having to turn the light out, you could stop dieting, ditch the scales and build a healthy relationship with food, you could go out dressed in what you want and feel great, you could find something you love to get you moving more, you could confidently apply for your dream job and most importantly you could love who you are just as you are.

I’m here to tell you “you can” if you want it enough, I’m living proof of that.

I am in my 50th year and I now have unshakeable body confidence, and I want to help women like you feel fantastic too.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Internationally Accredited Coaching Master 2022, 1 year as a qualified coach
Owner of Bee’s Boutique for the last 12 years
Worked in a management role at the largest UK weight loss organisation for 7 years
City & Guilds qualification in Successful and Professional Interior Design
RSA Diploma in Retail


I offer a 12-week Building Unshakeable Body Confidence Coaching Programme which consists of 1 hour coaching sessions via video with follow up notes via email. Starting with a 2 hour deep dive on session 1, an in person meet up (if local) on session 6 and a 2 hour conclusion session on week 12. You will also get 24hr support via text, whatsapp or messenger and an option of a 30 minute phone call each week for added support when needed. You will also receive a free copy of my 12 week Pink Power Body Confidence Journal and access to my free resources which consist of a private Facebook group where I do weekly lives and and my digital book for £1325

How I Work

Coaching is where we sit down at a mutually agreed time on Zoom, and have a relaxed conversation to work out what is holding you back from being happy just as you are, and set achievable goals to build your unshakeable body confidence.
Each session will be followed up with notes via email and any resources that I have suggested.

I spend time really getting know my clients, I am empathetic as I understand this is a sensitive subject. However, in order to move forward, we will set tasks together and I will ask you challenging questions, as well as giving guidance.

I am an internationally certified and accredited Coaching Master. I am a Ladies Boutique business owner and I will also use my wealth of knowledge and experience to help you build unshakeable body confidence.

As a result of my coaching programme, you will gain a high level of self-esteem and a shift in your mindset. You will look in the mirror and love who you are just as you are, dress in what you want and feel great, and enjoy intimacy without embarrassment and shame.

We will bust all your myths and explore what is holding you back so you can live a life without scales, ditch the diets and have a healthy relationship with food, and discover what you like to do to get more active.

All of this will give you unshakeable body confidence, enabling you to live a happier and more fulfilled life as your authentic self.


Lauren – I have been having body confidence meetings with the beautiful Belinda for 9 weeks now. At the start of my journey she asked me on a scale of 1-10 where would you say you are? My reply was a 5 being a lady of a certain age and going through menopause my body has changed quite a lot and with it my confidence. But 9 weeks in I’m now at least an 8. Belinda has listened to me rant on about the stresses in life which have had a knock on effect on how I view my body! She is the most wonderful, kind and approachable lady who has given me invaluable advice, support and helped me believe I am enough, I am worthy and I am deserving. I can honestly say she has been an inspiration and I will hear her words everyday in the future! If any of this resonates with you I highly recommend getting in touch with her, she’s changed my mindset forever, thank you Belinda xx

Sara – Bee is unique. She is the embodiment of everything she believes in. Her niche and style of coaching are unique, her ability to enable and support you to uncover the real issues that hold you back are amazing. Her natural warmth and openness gives you a safe and creative space to explore the real you – challenging those limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and mindset. Enabling you to be the person you truly are. Bee has helped me challenge some deep seated beliefs about my body image resulting in increasing confidence and self worth. I have the tools to embrace my life with a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much Bee xx

Darshana – Working with Belinda was a game changer from the beginning. She immediately made me feel comfortable by her friendly smile and encouraging tone and manner. She began by asking questions through what seemed like chit chat, but before I knew it, I was opening up to things that I had boxed up deep down inside. She inspired me to face them and use them in a positive way to move forward. It was a great feeling to be able to address these things in her safe and nurturing environment, knowing she was not judging me. She kept bringing me back to addressing my goals and, together, we worked out my next steps in detail. It was like she knew exactly what I needed! I felt a huge sense of renewed confidence and exhilaration after working with her and ready to face anything! Her coaching style and expertise are a winning combination and I would whole heartedly recommend Belinda to build your Superwoman Confidence!