Annette Shaw

Fees Per Hour
£80.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
English, German
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Transformational Life Coach – Championing you to set boundaries and stand in your power in the workplace I can coach in two languages (English/German)

Who Do I Help?

I help professional women who are bullied in the workplace to set boundaries, regain their self-worth, confidence and resilience and re-discover their love of life.

About Me

My own horrific experience of workplace bullying motivated me to help other women who have gone or are going through this. I know what it is like to have your self-worth take a nosedive, feel the dread on Sunday night knowing I have to face the nightmare on Monday morning and the rest of the week. I have felt the stress and overwhelm of the constant fight, flight and freeze. I know what it’s like to feel demoralized by constant criticism and micro-management. It does not have to be that way. I am here to help you move from misery to happiness, re-discover your self-worth, resilience and confidence and live a life full of fun, energy and freedom from the workplace toxicity.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Certificate in Mindfulness Coaching (2018)
Accredited Certificate in Emotional Intelligence Coaching (2019)
Accredited Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching (2021) – although I have coached for a while.


I offer an 8-week program of 8x 1 hour one to one sessions with a free discovery call of 40 minutes where we start to explore what is going on for you and find out what we need to explore as although situations may look the same on the surface every person processes their experience of these in their own way. Check-ins by phone are available if desired. The cost of the package is £640.00. Payment plans are available: 2 x payments of £320.00 or 4 x payments of £160.00.

How I Work

I work online via video sessions which I record and I send audio recordings to clients via We Transfer that they can listen back to them. I will start by asking my client what she wants to talk about in the session and she will have a safe space to explore, share, think and talk with questions from me to look at the situations from different angles, me reflecting back to the client to ensure that I understand correctly what she is talking about and, where necessary gently challenge.


Just had a great coaching session with Annette Shaw which incredibly helped me open up and see things differently.
Annette thank you so much for your help and support

Annette creates a safe ‘space’ for transformation to occur: being empathetic, as well as gently challenging.

Annette is generous with her presence and sharing of experiences and resources; balancing seriousness with humour.

She asks the questions you may shy away from, which assist in making the difference; helping you to move forward in all areas of your life.

Annette guides you in peeling away the layers in order to heal and re-connect with your authenticity; reminding us of the need to create boundaries and of the importance of self-compassion.

I have found Annette to be a great listener, always encouraging me to verbalize my thoughts and feelings in relation to Workplace bullying. She is very empathetic and uses various techniques to change beliefs and reduce stress.
I recommend Annette as she knows what she’s talking about and will be able to help.