Alissa Eisenhauer

Fees Per Hour
£89.00 to £100.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
English, French
Accredited Coaching Master

Empowerment Life Coach for Women

Who Do I Help?

I help women who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled, overcome their challenges to create a life that they love.

About Me

I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. I struggled for many years trying to figure out why I felt stuck, discontent and unfulfilled. I felt guilty; I had a wonderful family, career and home, but could not get to a place where I was happy. I was depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, and quite literally, a mess.

*Enter my life coach*. I got to a point where I could not go on like that: my rock bottom. I figured I had nothing to lose by talking with someone, so I hired her. I was instantly happy and fulfilled! HAHA just kidding. My journey was a difficult one, filled with resentment, marriage separation, drinking, bad decisions and resistance.

But I persisted. I continued my work with my coach even when I had my doubts, felt like I was spiralling and felt hopeless. And then things began to change.

I started to open my heart and my mind, and I started believing that it was possible for me to change my life. I tried new strategies and routines from the action plan that we had created together. I met more often with my coach. I read books. I got more fresh air. Meditated. Did yoga. I noticed myself smiling while driving or cooking. I noticed myself being more in control of my emotions. I noticed myself being nice to my husband and enjoying his presence. I began to feel joy.

My life has completely changed. I am a new person.

That’s why my mission is simple: I want to help other women in the same way that I was helped. I want to give my clients the support, knowledge and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures. I want to help you live intentionally. Live joyfully. And live purposefully.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Certified Life Coach
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher
Master’s degree in Education


I offer a 6-month program of 1 hour, weekly meetings (zoom or face to face) and 24/7 access to me via phone or email. I provide you with a workbook and many tools to be used throughout the week and at our meetings. The package is $3200 USD.

How I Work

I work either online via video session or face to face. Face to face sessions can take place in my home office or in a public setting (park, coffee shop etc.)


“Alissa’s coaching provided me with several strategies to help me gain the clarity I needed. Alissa uses a combination of mindfulness and thought-work in her coaching. She digs deeps into your soul by holding space and pulling out important details to help you focus and move forward with intention.” – S.D.