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Learn the Simple Online Secrets That Turned a Convicted Criminal Into a 6 Figure Online Coach in Just Eight Months!

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“Go and change some lives”, they said.

“It will be fun”, they said.

But nobody said you that you had to become a marketer, sales professional, accountant, fb ads specialist, community leader, copywriter, podcast host, graphic designer, operations manager and…

Don’t worry, I’ll stop – before you get another headache!

I’ve got good news for you, YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ALL THAT STUFF.

The industry is designed in a way to keep selling you the magic pill, the overnight success formulae and the new shiny ‘missing piece’ you’ve been missing…

But guess what? It doesn’t exist!

When you download this book, you won’t wake up rich, and you won’t learn some new way to hack the system.

What you will find in this book are the foundations of using the online world to find, connect and help people on mass.

By helping a huge amount of people on a daily basis, you’ll find the clients will start to roll in instantly!

How do I know? Well, because unlike the other ‘gurus’… I’ve actually done it!

From Convict to Coach!

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Just five years ago, I was released from my third prison sentence and embarked on a journey to completely change my life.

I want you to know that if anybody was going to find it difficult to get coaching clients, it was me.

Yet, just eighteen months out of prison and only eight months into starting my coaching business, I was making a six-figure income and I did it all using the simple strategies I am about to share with you in this book.

Fast forward just a couple of years and I have used the same simple strategies to build a seven-figure coaching business; a thriving community, speak on stage across the world, and run a team of staff and army of coaches who go out there and make a difference in the world – as the CEO and Founder of The Coaching Masters.

I do all this whilst still maintaining complete-location independence and travelling the world. I currently live in Bali, Indonesia whilst running the business. The reason I tell you this, is I am not someone who is going to teach a strategy they learnt from someone else, but haven’t actually got the results for themselves.

I am someone who has tried hundreds of different things over the years, made mistakes, then got results…

and now know for a fact that what I share with you WORKS!

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Here’s a Snippet of What You’ll Learn

This book will take you through the key areas to online coaching mastery. It’s a very clearly laid out formulae, and if followed correctly, it’s effective, every single time.

The formulae cover nine distinct stages: Attitude, Alliance, Accuracy, Awareness, Attraction, Authority, Approach, Automation & Ability.

These nine stages will allow you to reach and surpass your desired 6-figure income, so you can start to make a huge impact in the world…

And STOP WORRYING about getting clients AND actually start coaching the clients!

So, if you’re ready to cut through the confusion, stress and overwhelm and learn the simple online secrets you need to become a 6-figure coach, then this $7 will be the smallest (but the best) investment you ever make in your business!

But hurry, because this is a promotional offer at this insanely low price for over 60,000 words of solid value that will transform your coaching business for just $7.

Click the link below and grab your copy, and learn these secrets before your competition does.

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Special Offer: Instantly Download Your Copy of 6 Figure Coaching Secrets for just $7!