3 Lessons You’ll Learn By Saying “YES” To New And Scary Things


You may be used to saying “No” to new things and staying in your comfort zone

It may just be your default reaction

But what can happen as a result, is regret about missing out

Or beating yourself up because you wish you’d said yes.

But here’s the thing… Saying “yes” will often get you much better results in the long run.

Especially when saying no is easier.

Here are 3 lessons you’ll learn by stepping out of your comfort zone and saying “YES” more often:

1. You’ll Open Yourself Up to Awesome Opportunities
If you constantly say no, you’ll stay in the same place you’ve always been

Stuck at square one not moving forward in life

But by saying yes, you’ll open yourself up to all kinds of awesome opportunities. You won’t have to run with them all, but the ones that suit you best are yours for the taking

And just like buses, once you agree to one opportunity more come along and this is where real improvements happen in your life.

If you’re sick of doing the same thing day in day out not getting anywhere, open up your mind to accepting more awesome opportunities

2. You’ll Teach Yourself Things You Never Thought You Could Learn

If you never said yes to any opportunities throughout your life, you wouldn’t have learnt to ride a bike or to swim

The same goes for now, as an adult we must still continue to learn and grow

Saying yes to opportunities will result in you learning a lot about yourself too

Saying yes to that hike will prove to yourself you have resilience and determination

Saying yes to that job will teach you how capable and knowledgeable you are

Saying yes to that speaking opportunity will make you realise just how brave and incredible you can be

If you never did those things you would never know and by doing them your self-confidence will skyrocket.

You’ll learn way more about yourself than you’ve ever known before

3. You’ll Grow Professionally and Personally
When you say “yes” more you will certainly grow as an individual

You’ll experience a confidence boost which will mean you’re happier and more content with yourself

And this can result in personal and professional growth

It’s proven that successful people consistently step out of their comfort zones and seek new experiences because they fully understand that this is key to success

They do not fear change they accept it’s a vital way of life to continuously grow and become the best version of themselves.

. . .

We know it’s not easy to wake up one day and start saying “YES” to every opportunity that comes your way

But if you gradually work your way up to feeling more comfortable with saying “yes”, you’ll be in a much better place than you were before

You must still make the decision whether the opportunity is right for you in your circumstances

But if you approach it with a more open and knowledgeable mind now knowing the benefits of saying “yes”

Great things could happen

Give it a go say “YES” more this week!

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