Meet Lewis

Entrepreneur and world-traveller Lewis Raymond Taylor, battled with substance misuse, trauma, mental illness, and addiction, until a sudden moment of clarity after the confidence was instilled in him by a prison tutor, in the education department. Lewis immediately started to take action, and found a path through his limiting beliefs, insecurities and doubts.

The former prisoner, who was expelled from school at fifteen continued to use the power of his own mind to drive himself to rehabilitation, cure himself from mental illness, finish at the top of his college, progress to University to study Business Management & Entrepreneurship, start three successful businesses, including a fully-booked 6 figure coaching practice in under one year, a health and lifestyle clothing and supplement brand, and a global thriving online motivational community membership programme of over 7,000 people from all over the world.

Lewis, now an international mindset coach and speaker, has the freedom to travel the world is on a mission to take entrepreneurs on a shared journey through the exciting highs and lows of entrepreneurship!

Denis is a 21-year-old Creative Director of a full-service creative marketing and design agency based in the south of the UK. An entrepreneur at heart, starting his first business at 19, and having a long list of past entrepreneurial ventures. A lover of minimalism and clean design. He lives by two quotes: “If it was easy, everybody would do it” & “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. If you follow Denis on Instagram, you probably know his list of favourite quotes is not limited to those two.

Denis’ businesses have been named Portsmouth’s Startups To Watch two years running in 2017 and 2018, and grabbing the Entrepreneurial Spirit of The Year Runner Up prize in 2018.

In late 2017 Denis, along with his co-founder, launched a health and wellbeing startup brand specialising in sleep improving eyewear. Pyke & Co focuses on the productivity and wellbeing of busy individuals through the importance of a good night’s rest. The business supplies Blue Light Blocking Glasses, which are designed to reduce the intake of artificial blue light emitted from mobile phones, TV’s and laptops.

Denis is also the Media Manager of Portsmouth based charity Losing My Sight (LMS UK) and one of the original board members. He is responsible for all marketing and PR matters of the charity in the public domain, enabling the non-profit to grow in the local area, and therefore help more people.

Meet Denis