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Post Launch

🚨 AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! Introducing: The Course Creator’s Blueprint!

The 17-Week, Online, Live, Step-By-Step, Course Creator Program, Designed to Show You Exactly How To Plan, Create, Launch & Make A Passive-Income From Your Very Own Online Course!

This Is THE Program to Shortcut Your Way to Making A Passive Income & Helping Thousands of People on Auto-Pilot!

What included in this course?...

17 weeks of online course creating GOLD…

👉 Weekly 2 Hour Live Trainings Delivered To The Highest Quality By 7 Figure Course Creators
👉 Weekly 2 Hour Live Workshops To Ensure Effective Execution
👉 Weekly Workbooks For Revision & Written Explanation
👉 Weekly Worksheets With Exact Steps To Take Each Week
👉 Next Steps Coaching Strategy Session To Explore Options Of Scaling
👉 Your Own Accountability Buddy To Ensure You Take Action Each Week
👉 Our Exact Funnel Blueprint to Replicate Our System
🚨 Bonus 1: 7 Stages of Hunger
🚨 Bonus 2: Interactive Community
🚨 Bonus 3: Coaching Certification
🚨 Bonus 4: NLP Certification
🚨 HUGE BONUS: Invitation to an in-person celebratory event in Bali!!

Spaces are limited to 100 people only!

Click the link below quickly to learn how you can grab your spot!

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Day Eight

⏰ THERE IS STILL TIME! Free LIVE training on ‘How to Create an Online Course’, starts tonight!

There are over 2,000 people registered and this training is going to break the internet, so don’t miss out on this!

The offline work is suffering, but the online world is thriving, and right now, is the best time in history to become a course creator!

Here’s what you’ll learn over the next 3 days:

👉 23RD FEB - DAY 1: Creating: How to Create a Highly-Profitable Course From Scratch!

We’ll reveal the model that successful-course creators use to find the key insights to use to create a course that is exactly what customers want to buy!

👉 24TH FEB - DAY 2: Delivering: How to Deliver a Wow Customer Experience!

You’ll learn the way to engage your customers, deliver an amazing customer experience and ensure your content is world-class so that you can create organic referrals!

👉 25TH FEB - DAY 3: Launching: How to Use Social Media to Create Automated Course Sales!

Using the power of digital marketing automation, you’ll learn how to use new-age gadgets such as webinars & messenger bots, to covert course sales whilst you sleep!


The three trainers who will be training this masterclass have generated millions of dollars in course sales during the pandemic, and now they’re sharing how they did it, for free!

We get started in just a few hours, so there is still time, click the link below and enter your name and email address and you’ll enter the secret FB group immediately.

Don’t miss out on this!

Day Seven

Free training from a convicted criminal, turned 7 figure entrepreneur, on how to launch your own online course, starts tomorrow!

You’ve heard about reality TV star, Jonny Mitchell who will be teaching you everything you need to know about INFLUENCE!

You’ve heard about Liam James Collins, the former postman turned 7 figure coach, who will teach you everything you need to know about COACHING!

The last of the three trainers is Lewis Raymond Taylor, who was recently featured in Forbes this Monday, and will be teaching you everything you need to know about BUSINESS!

Five years ago, at the age of 25 years old, Lewis was released from his third prison sentence.

At this point, Lewis had been suffering from mental illness, substance misuse, the aftermath of sexual abuse, and the trauma from his father’s death.

Despite his troubled start in life, Lewis has become an accredited coaching trainer, international speaker, been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and listed as one of the top ten coaches in the world by Yahoo Finance...

And most importantly, a proud cat Dad 🐈

If you want to learn how to launch an online course by three of the best in the industry, completely for FREE, today is your last chance, as this 3 day masterclass starts tomorrow!

Link in the comments below to join.

Coach your way to freedom!

Lewis Cat Dat 1

Lewis Cat Dat 2

Lewis Cat Dat 3

Lewis Cat Dat 4

Day Six

From delivering the mail to delivering value!

Would you believe that Liam James Collins used to be a full-time postman?

And now, 5 years later, he’s a 7 figure course creator!

Yup, a postman now makes over a million dollars a year from online courses...

How did he start?

- He launched a live course before even creating it.
- Made $17,000 dollars up front.
- Delivered the course live on zoom.
- Invested the money into his business to grow it.
- Launch the course again...

Want to learn the strategy in more detail?

If you have any kind of passion, skill, knowledge, or anything you think you could teach someone, Liam and his business partners are putting on a free training next week!

It’s a completely free, 3-day course creator masterclass, where they’ll teach us how to launch our own online course from scratch.

Just add your name and email address to the link below and you’ll join the fb group where they’ll be delivering the live training, starting Tuesday!

If a postman can do this; we have no excuses.

Liam James Collins

Day Five

Who remembers Jonny Mitchell from Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother?

What some don’t know is Jonny isn’t your usual reality TV star...

Accruing half a million followers and using social media, PR and TV was no accident...

Jonny leverages many traffic streams and uses his influence to build multiple 7-figure income streams.

Jonny has a long history in business, starting from his first business in Hong Kong back in 2012, to developing a property empire, a 7 figure nationwide supported living care home company, and now a director of The Coaching Masters!

Next week, Jonny is delivering a completely free, live, 3 day, masterclass on how to create influence and use it to launch your own profitable online course (even if you’re starting from scratch).

The usual value of this 3-day training is $497, but it’s free right now during lock down!

All you need to do is add your name and email address in the link below and you’ll join a private Facebook group where he’ll be doing the training live next week!

Be quick though as spaces are filling up!

Jonny Mitchell Photo 1

Jonny Mitchell Photo 2

Day Four

If you were to create an online course, what topic would you teach? 💭

A lot of people think you need to be an expert to deliver an online course, and that’s completely wrong.

Expert knowledge confuses and baffles people, and the only type of people who appreciate content at this level are OTHER experts; however, experts don’t buy online courses 😉

Most people who buy courses are beginners and have NO IDEA about anything in that area and are ONLY looking for the first steps...

This means that even the smallest bit of knowledge can be highly valuable to the right audience of people.

So, now you know you just need to deliver content to the beginner, what could you teach someone?

Try and answer these questions:

- What do you love?
- What are you good at?
- What does the world need?

For example, if you love cooking, are good at cooking, and there are people in the world that can’t cook - BAMN, don’t over-think it anymore, you have a cool course to create...

Want to learn more?

My coaches Lewis Raymond Taylor, Liam James Collins, & Jonny Mitchell are hosting a live 3 day masterclass next week where they will be teaching everyone how to create an online course from scratch!

If you’ve got this far through this post, why not check it out? It’s free, and this could be the first step of a whole new chapter in your life.

Just add your name and email address on this link below and I’ll see you there.

Training starts on Tuesday! 💛

Post a Selfie picture of you deep in thought like the example here!

Day Three

Are you looking for the perfect online pivot?👩‍💻

Let’s face it, the world has been flipped on its head, and there is a lot of uncertainty in the air right now.

Do I have job security?
Do I want to go back to work?
Will I have a job to go back to?

A lot of people are asking themselves these questions right now!
Now, more than ever, is the time for us to pivot online and take control of our digital future.

We are currently going through a digital revolution, and now is the time to create our own ‘digital’ assets.

And the best way to work online and create a digital asset is to just package up what you already know and creating an online course with it!

You record your course once, and sell it hundreds of times, over and over again. It’s THE way of making a passive income in 2021.

Even if you know just a little bit about a certain topic, whether that is mental health, mindset, social media, baking, fitness, confidence, photography - or anything else, it’s unbelievably value to the person who doesn’t have that information.

The good news is my Coaches Lewis Raymond Taylor, Liam James Collins and Jonathan Mitchell are putting on a completely free, LIVE, three-day training next week, to show you exactly how they make $150k per month in online course sales and how we can get started doing the same (No matter what your experience is).

Just click this link below, add your name and email address, and you’ll be directed to the facebook group where they’ll be hosting the training next week!!

Don’t miss out on this digital revolution guys, those who get in now, can set themselves up for life, and those who wait, will always be left waiting for the next opportunity.

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

IG Square 10

IG Square 11

IG Square 12

IG Square 13

Day Two


I’ve just got access to an exclusive live 3 day masterclass starting next week on exactly how to launch an online course from scratch!

It’s taught by Lewis Raymond Taylor, Liam James Collins & Jonny Mitchell at The Coaching Masters, who yesterday were featured in FORBES!

These guys make over $150k A MONTH from their online courses, and have a blueprint of exactly how we can get started too 🎉

I wanted to share this because it’s literally the perfect opportunity whilst we are all in lockdown!

If you’ve ever thought about working online, creating an online course is such a good way of sharing value with the world, whilst earning an income from it.

Everyone has an online course inside them; it could be a course on mindset, parenting, bakery, mental health, lifestyle, fitness, dog grooming, anything!

There are so many people buying courses online these days and with billions of people stuck at home right now, it’s the perfect time to be the creator of the content, not the consumer 😎

I’ll be there, so if anyone wants to join, I’ll drop the link below.

I believe spaces are limited and this is a once and a lifetime opportunity so I’d jump on this ASAP.

See you guys next week if you’re interested!

Lewis, jonny & Liam

Jonny, Lewis & Liam

Lewis, Dayana, Jonny & Liam In Bali

Day One - Lewis' Forbes Feature

Wow, my Coach has been featured in Forbes!

From a convicted criminal to a 7 figure coach!

If this guy can do it, anyone can! Seriously, Lewis Raymond Taylor’s story is incredible...

He went from drugs, prison sentences, sexual abuse, trauma, mental health & even a suicide attempt - to making millions of dollars by helping others.

In this interview by Forbes, he talks about turning his pain into power, and how anybody can use their skills and experiences to help others and use it to make an income online!

If you’ve ever thought about working online or have a desire to help others, this one is a must read.

Congratulations, Lewis Raymond Taylor! I can’t wait for your live training next week! 💪

If you want to read the article, click the link below - it will blow you away!

Lewis Forbes Cover

Lewis Forbes IG Story Template

Lewis Forbes IG Grid Template

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