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Our Crowdfunding Campaign is Officially Live NOW until 20th December 2022!

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Be Part of Our 7 Figure Course Creator Launch Team & Grab 25% of the Revenue! [Everything You Need to Know To Get Involved]

...and all you need to do is offer your audience a COMPLETELY FREE, 3 Day Masterclass, with three 7 Figure Course Creators - and we’ll take care of the rest!

We’re very excited right now, the course we are about to share with you has been tested internally to our customer base and made $100,000 in just a few hours!! Now, we are going public, and we want you to be part of our 7-figure public launch team.

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  1. You promote your custom affiliate link to your audience and ask them to join our high-value, free training.
  2. The people who opt-in on your affiliate link will join the live three day training where we’ll blow them away with value on course creation.
  3. At the end of the three days, we’ll do a webinar and sell our course ‘The Course Creator Blueprint’ for $2,497, as well as re-targeting them with emails and fb ads, to ensure we get as many conversions as possible!
  4. After this training, if you want to sell the course directly (ONLY AFTER THE TRAINING), you can try and increase commission by promoting the course directly.
  5. If you’re being paid on a paid-per-post basis, then the payment will be made immediately before you post. If you’re being paid on a percentage of revenue, then all commission is paid directly after the customer pays, via bank transfer or PayPal, at 25% commission on total revenue ($624.25 per sale). We expect this to be $10,000-$50,000 per affiliate {depending on the size and relevancy of your audience}

Details Of The Training & Course

Please note: Do not use these links. You’ll get your own private links sent personally, this is just for your reference to check out what you’ll be promoting:

Guidelines For Posting​

All posting for promoting the free training must be done between the 16th - 23rd of February.

  • We would like the content to be delivered via IG story, as we believe this to be the most effective, as you can use swipe up links – but feel free to use grid posts, or promote to your fb communities or email list, if you have access them. The more traffic you drive to the free training, the more money you’ll earn.
  • It will be more effective if you say that you are also attending this free training (which you can if you like).
  • If you are working with us on an affiliate basis, of course this means there are no restrictions on how much you can promote the free training. Again, the more you post, the money you’ll earn.
  • Remember that the only mission here is to drive traffic towards the free training, so that we can do all the hard work of converting sales on your behalf and making you commission!
  • You don’t need to tag any business accounts in these posts as we want to keep it looking as organic as possible. However, If you know of any of us personally (Jonny, Lewis or Liam) – please feel free to personally endorse their expertise and tag them in the promotion, if you feel it will be helpful.
  • Please always use the tailored link that we will provide to you before posting. This link is particularly important if you are collaborating with us on an affiliate basis, as this will track EVERYONE that attends the free training and goes on to buy the course through your link.
  • Please do NOT mention ‘The Course Creator Blueprint’ until after the free training. We only need to drive traffic to the free training where we will reveal the details of the course later on.
  • Please keep the promotions as relevant to course creation as possible. There is no need to mention coaching or anything else.

Example Video Script

We find that video promotions do the best as it’s real and connects with your audience. You can find a rough script below, but please feel free to tweak it to your personal tone of voice:

“Hey guys, I’ve been thinking recently about creating an online course because the online education industry is booming right now!

I’ve just found this awesome live, free, 3 day masterclass, all around how to create an online course by simply selling the knowledge you have and using it to create passive income.

It’s free & I’ll be there, so If you fancy It, come and join me, I’ll put the link to register on the swipe up!

See you there!”

Next Steps ​

  • Please ensure that you have received your tailored tracker link from Jonny. If you haven’t, then please message him to get one ASAP.

  • Get your posts & links ready to start promoting from Monday 15th February!

  • If you are working with us on a pay per post basis then if you have not done so already, please message Jonny ASAP so we can arrange immediate payment.

Let’s Do This Team! ​

We are really exited to be working with you and can’t wait to see the results of this 7 figure launch!

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