Natalia Vidal – Meet The Woman Behind Pink But Not Weak


Barcelona, Spain – Typically the colour pink represents femininity, romance, softness, sweetness, naïveté, charming, and gratitude. In this instance, the colour pink is not simply associated with femininity but also encompasses a side of every human being in touch with their emotions, and learning how to let go.

Natalia Vidal, the founder of Pink But Not Weak, believes that just because you’re in touch with your emotions doesn’t mean that you’re weak. On the contrary, being in touch with your emotions is the biggest sign of strength that you can show.

Before Natalia became a coach, she was unhappy and physically and mentally drained. She also suffered from trauma and anxiety but the statement that she lives by is “Things don’t happen TO you, they happen FOR you.” Which is a powerful reframe that we can all take something from. It’s often that life can feel as though it’s one set back after another, but when we can learn to use these experiences to our advantage – things can really change quickly!

Always passionate about helping and empowering other people, Natalia spent time working with a life coach herself and saw a way ahead that would allow her to help others by empowering other women to not let anyone walk over them.

She started coaching mainly women and now she coaches people from 71 different countries of different ages and backgrounds. She is an accredited Life Coach, Holistic practitioner, and in the process of becoming a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master practitioner, Natalia is also pursuing a psychology degree to help advance her coaching career and is a Senior Strategy Coach at The Coaching Masters, the world’s fastest growing coaching academy in the world.

“My mission is to empower misaligned women by creating self-care practices so they can find inner peace and magnetize the life and relationships they truly desire. I’m not only a coach; I’m also an advocate for entrepreneurship.” – Natalia

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