How To Stay Productive & Energised All Day


If you struggle to stay productive and energised all day and wish you had more motivation to stay on top of your tasks in your business, keep reading!

Below we have included 7 Top Tips, super-practical ways to quickly and effectively switch up your energy levels and start smashing your goals today!

1. Get Enough Sleep
The first place to start, if you lack motivation, energy is to focus on your sleep patterns. Getting enough sleep is easier said than done for a small business owner, but you really must prioritise and make time to relax and rejuvenate
Clarify your number (the amount of hours sleep you need to feel great) and always plan around getting that. Work out what is keeping you up at night or preventing you from sleeping when you need to and find solutions. Always aim for that magic number so your body has enough time to rest before being super productive.

2. Eat Right
Do you regularly skip breakfast? Are you too busy to grab lunch? Bad idea. Eating smaller meals and healthy snacks on a regular schedule ensures your blood sugar (and energy levels) stay stable and helps you maximize productivity. Try drawing up a plan for meals, plan your shopping ahead of time so you don’t just grab on the go or skip meals entirely. To have the right balance of energy it starts with the right balance of fuel you put into your body.

3. Reduce Your Stress Levels
Some stress is good and keeps us energized to smash goals, but too much stress on an ongoing basis is hugely detrimental to your overall health and will seriously affect your motivation, productivity and energy levels. Clarify your biggest stresses and prioritise developing a plan to tame them. You can delegate responsibilities, change how you run your business, or even just say “NO” more. Meditation can be great to give your brain a break from the stress so you can think clearly afterward, but finding a solution to the cause of the stress is the biggest win!

4. Mix It Up
Doing the same thing, day in day out can be a huge energy vacuum, so change things up whenever possible. For instance, change where you work from today, move outside, do a task that you wouldn’t usually do but is really fun, give yourself the freedom to be extra creative today. Just give your daily routine a bit of a shake-up every now and then to keep things fresh! 

5. Stay Hydrated
Often, fatigue or hunger is simply dehydration. Aim to drink more each day. The next time you feel tired, try downing a glass of water to see if that helps. Avoid (or at least limit your intake of) alcohol—it’s dehydrating. If plain water is too boring, add lemon, lime, or cucumber slices to give it some flavour. Want caffeine? If you must drink coffee or tea, balance out their dehydrating effects by drinking an equal amount of water.

6. Take Regular Breaks
Ever notice when you grind on and on at work for hours, you get less productive and more distracted? It’s not your imagination. It’s important for your energy and motivation to take regular short breaks throughout the day. To help you get into healthy routines, try setting a work break timer on your phone or computer to remind you when to get up, move around, and/or do some stretches. A simple 5-minute break could make all the difference to your productivity.

7. Be More Active
Fitting regular exercise into your week is also linked to motivation, productivity and energy levels. It’s doesn’t have to be a full-on workout every single time, even just a 10-minute walk can give you a huge boost afterward, this could be easily fitted into your break from work time. Other options for fun exercise can include Pilates, Yoga, Swimming or Cycling.

Try these 7 practical tips out, when you feel a lack of productivity or energy in your life!

Feel the huge benefits that can come from giving some solid attention to these different areas of your life.

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