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How To Creatively Share Your Story On Social Media


Storytelling has always played a huge part in successful marketing.

Stories enable us to build personality and create a connection with our audience. But can we actually tell our story on social media? Is it possible to narrate a story with social media posts that are ‘supposed’ to be short and sweet? … Or are they?

It turns out there are many ways to use social media for storytelling, audience growing and authority building!

In this blog, we will be sharing some creative ways to do just that!

Ready to dive in?

Here’s how to creatively share your story on Social Media:

Believe it or not, longer posts can do REALLY well!

Instead of the short and snappy captions, you’re so used to, add more information in and really get across your side of your story! Instead of summarizing the story or just having the title, tell them everything, your full journey so far.

Stories on Facebook and Instagram are becoming far more popular, you can reach a different section of your audience who possibly won’t scroll and see your posts but will watch your stories and connect with you this way. Never neglect your stories when creating content

If you want to share your story over a few days, if you have a lot to say and think it would work well to spread the value [Especially good to do on Instagram] use a personalised hashtag.

For example, #bobsjourney #bobsharingmystory #bobsjourney send your audience over to the hashtag to read previous posts and follow your whole journey!

Lives & Pre-recorded videos
Videos are up there with one of THE BEST things you can do to share your story because people can directly relate with YOU, via video you are REAL, people will connect 100x more if they can see you, in the flesh, moving around, they’ll read your expressions and understand who you are!

If you don’t feel like a live video is for you, pre-record it and post. Don’t take ages editing and making perfect. People will connect more with you if you ARENT perfect!

Use the power of images to share your journey, people love a before and after they love to connect with others in similar positions, showing how far you’ve come through your journey will also build huge authority with your audience. People will look up to you.

Long or short?
Short captions can be great, however, harnessing the power of a longer caption under a really relevant image, every now and then can do you a world of good!

Long gone are the days when only short Instagram captions will do, now [If laid out correctly, not one large block of text but spaced out and easy to read] you will engage your audience on a much deeper level. If they see it as valuable they will stop and consume the content you put out!

Whichever way you choose to share your story the best advice is this…

You simply MUST share the journey you have been through and are currently on to connect on a much deeper level with your audience

This will certainly result in more interaction on your Social Media and of course… MORE Coaching Clients!

Give it a go!

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