How To Create Extra Income As A Coach By Publishing A Book


*Insert your name here*– Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Trainer & Powerful Coaching Master!’ << This could be you!

In our last few blogs we’ve shared all of our secrets on how you can become a speaker, trainer and coach but now we share how you can become a published author

And use it as a way to bring extra income into your coaching business!

The options for you are endless when you’ve learnt the powerful mindset tools, techniques and frameworks which we teach here at The Coaching Masters,

They become assets which are incredibly valuable!

So keep reading to find out how you can capitalise on this value by becoming a published author!

Coaching is all about asking those challenging and thought provoking questions,

But of course, you can also challenge people and ask those powerful questions via a book!

You can share personal and thought provoking stories that create an epiphany in the reader, inspire them to make a change or

There are more practical based books that get you a result, ‘how to’ books for example: ‘How To Break Down Fear.’

They are not necessarily created around a story.

They can be quite practical step by step guides as well.

Writing books can be a money maker

But it’s on one end of the spectrum and when we are saying sell £500, £2000 courses, this would be at the other end.

Making a lot of money may not happen overnight, but who knows, if you get the right book and it gets to the top of Amazon and starts to do the rounds

It’s possible you could make a lot of money very quickly

And books don’t have to be this huge amount of work, that takes years to put together and months of planning

I [Lewis] have written some eBooks and didn’t realize that I’d even written them.

I didn’t realize how short books could actually be!

That sounds quite crazy, but when you think about a book,

You might think about people in films who take five years to deal with their typewriter.

You may assume its a really long process,

But I’ve written Ebooks and realized that I’ve written twice the length of an actual book in a week.

If you’ve got something of value to offer just dump the words from your brain onto a piece of paper.

It can be simple when you just write about the things that you already know.

Forget the previous examples you think about writing a book, we’re living in a different age now.

We’re living in this instant age of being able to write a book on your laptop and get it out there to the big wide world quickly and easily.

Remove that instant thought that what you want to do is unobtainable.

So just go for it. There’s nothing that isn’t obtainable. Just push those boundaries and add as much value as you can.

You can also self publish books these days, once it’s written, you could probably get a book on Amazon in a couple of days.

You literally just need to get a cover mocked up for it.

You need to get it uploaded.

And that’s it. Self publishing is a thing.

You can even pay to get published It’s costs like five grand, which is quite a bit of an investment.

But if you want to become a published author, it’s doable

These dreams don’t have to be dreams. They just become plans, you just have to figure out the best way of doing it

Make a plan, find out the information you need to do it and then just go and do it.

*Insert your name here*– Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Trainer & Powerful Coaching Master!’ << This REALLY could be you!

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