How To Beat Procrastination Once And For All

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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

We are all guilty of using them for our own benefit

But the real trouble starts when they stop benefiting us and start hindering us…

> “I’m too tired”
> “That task is too difficult”
> “I’m not motivated enough to achieve my goals”

This is known as… PROCRASTINATION!

Procrastination is NOT our friend

It eats away at our motivation and keeps us from making progress

There can be many reasons behind someone’s procrastination

One reason is an inability to manage distress, people avoid tasks they view as unpleasant, difficult, boring or painful.

But when they attempt to avoid distress in this way, what actually happens is more distress is caused in the long run.

Procrastination can lead to:
> Increased stress
> Health problems
> Poor performance
> Sleep issues
> Feelings of regret

Procrastination can also have a huge effect on our self-esteem, shame, guilt and self-critical thoughts all happen as a result

In reality, not much good at all can come from procrastination.

If this is all sounding way too familiar and you would love to escape this unhelpful procrastination cycle.

Keep reading…

Use this list of 10 proven steps to tackle your procrastination head-on today!

And discover how incredible you feel when procrastination is a thing of the past!

10 simple steps to beat procrastination:

1. Stop catastrophizing

  • Catastrophizing tasks is never going to be helpful, overthinking and making a huge deal out of how boring, difficult or painful it will be to complete will not get it done.
  • In reality a little bit of boredom or a bit of a challenge wont hurt you, in fact it will get you closer to achieving your goals! So well worth it.
  • The stress of procrastinating WILL in fact cause harm. Lack of sleep and increased stress have the potential to cause real problems. So should be avoided.

2. Reconnect with your “Why.”

  • Your ‘why’ should be your main motivating force for achieving your goals.
  • If you’ve lost sight of your why, the reason you’re putting in hard work to achieve what you really want in life. This can be the reason procrastination has taken over.
  • Reconnect back in. Focus on the long term results of the small tasks you complete now.
  • How incredible the overall picture will be if you take these baby steps now.
  • Give yourself a boost, re-discover your purpose, make things clearer and realise why procrastination has no place in your life.

3. Manageable ‘bite size’ chunks

  • When a task seems overwhelming and daunting you will be put off from even getting started.
  • The best option is to break it down into smaller, bite size, manageable chunks.
  • For example, if you wanted to write a book, you wouldn’t sit down one morning and think i’m going to complete my book today, without planning chapter by chapter or having a basic outline of the story’s beginning, middle and end.
  • Before tackling a big task, spend some time breaking it down into smaller tasks and manageable goals to achieve to make it more bearable to tackle.

4. To-Do list deadlines

  • Planning your day is crucial for getting tasks done. But one addition many people overlook is the importance of deadlines.
  • Without deadlines you have no structure to your tasks and before you know it you’ve filled your day with other plans and have no time left to complete this one.
  • When setting goals and completing to-do lists it’s important to add timed deadlines.
  • A great model to use is SMART.
  • Make each one of your tasks specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and TIMED. Put a start and finish time on each, but remember it must be realistic and achievable.
  • Don’t give yourself one hour if you know in reality it will take two.

5. One task at a time

  • Don’t try to multitask!
  • To really combat any overwhelm which may contribute to procrastination it is vital you only concentrate on one task at a time.
  • Stick with one single task until it is complete and then move on to the next
  • You’ll save yourself time this way and build up your resistance to procrastination.

6. Remove distractions

  • Firstly, bring your awareness to the distractions around you
  • Your phone notifications, the TV, your hectic work environment
  • Once you have the awareness of them, you’ll notice when they happen more and more.
  • This will help you cut them out when you’re working on your tasks.
  • To get the most done in the quickest time and be the most efficient, distractions must be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Use your distractions as a reward for completing your tasks!

7. Excuses awareness

  • Just like distractions, excuses need to be brought to your attention too.
  • The more you notice them the more you’ll be aware that you’re using them and cut it out.
  • Excuses won’t get you closer to your goals only further away so cut them out.
  • Be honest with yourself and question them!
  • Are they actually true? Are you really that tired? Or is something else going on?

8. Take imperfect action

  • Perfectionism is an excuse a lot of procrastinators use.
  • But if you allow yourself the freedom to take imperfect action just for today and find happiness in doing so, you’ll escape the restriction of perfectionism.
  • Have fun with just getting tasks done, not perfecting them, but knowing you’re a step further ahead than you were before.
  • Things can always be tweaked and made better later on and getting something done is better than not starting at all.
  • Let go and learn to love Imperfection.

9. Optimise your environment

  • Your environment can help or hinder your productivity.
  • To help get as much done as possible, have a dedicated work environment to complete tasks.
  • Remove distractions and keep it organised and clutter free.
  • There’s a big psychological boost that comes with having a space made just for getting your work done.

10. Reward your wins

  • If we don’t recognise and reward ourselves for our wins we can get demoralised and again have no motivation to continue.
  • We must do whatever we can to encourage ourselves to get tasks complete.
  • That may involve scrolling social media before moving on to the next task, playing with the dog or having a coffee.
  • Whatever it is, make sure you celebrate your wins! After all, you deserve it!

Follow these 10 simple steps to beat procrastination once and for all!

If you’ve got this far through the blog, then you’re clearly ready to leave your procrastinating ways behind, to take bigger steps towards a brighter future and intentionally improve your life.

Fully embrace this change today and say…

“Bye Bye” to procrastination

And “Hello” to motivation!

. . .

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