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Entrepreneurship Is A Lifestyle

Entrepreneurship Is A Lifestyle

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, not an occupation.

It’s Sunday today, and I’m still making developments.

Noticed I said ‘developments’, which is some other people’s equivalent of ‘work’.

However, for me, it’s not work.

It’s developing the things I want in life.

I don’t feel obligated to do it.

I want to.

Now, although I am aware that balance is important in some areas of life.

Entrepreneurship isn’t one of those things that needs to be ‘balanced’.

It’s not something that needs to be ‘disconnected’ from.

It’s something that you live by.

A lifestyle is a way in which a person lives.

And I live this stuff.

My thoughts, feelings, aspirations and vision of the future run deeper that a conscious decision that I can simply switch off from.

Although there are times that I enjoy myself, socialise, and relax…

My eye is never taken off the ball.

I never have to start or stop ‘working’

I never have to take my brain back to a place where it needs to start creating.

I’m consistently moving forward, living my life as an entrepreneur; both online and offline; weekdays and weekends; with friends and with clients.

I don’t want to switch off, and I don’t feel the burden of my mind being occupied.

Because entrepreneurship is a lifestyle…

That I have chosen.


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