Corona virus could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

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It’s sad to say, but almost all the time, we as humans, are motivated by pain.

Sure, we aspire to live amazing lives, but it’s only when things get tough that we really start to do anything to change our current situation.

I mean who wants to make big changes when things are going ‘okay’?

It’s so easy to become comfortable and complacent – that ‘settling’ seems like the logical and safe choice.

I know from my personal experience that I let things get pretty bad before I allowed myself to start going after what I really wanted from life.

It literally took three prison sentences, near death experiences, and a suicide attempt to make me wake up.

…and then I did.

One day in prison…

The lightbulb moment came.

And just like that: enough was enough.

Change will usually come from some kind of ‘significant life point’.

A line in the sand moment.

Where you draw that line and say:

“From THAT moment, I decided to do *****”

And like I mentioned, it usually ALWAYS comes from pain.

Split up with a partner? Suddenly it’s time to get in the best shape of your life!

Get sacked from your job? Suddenly it’s time to pursue that dream job.

Get arrested for drink driving? Suddenly it’s time to get completely sober.

Have someone pass away? Suddenly it’s time to create a charity to change the world.


So why could the Coronavirus be exactly what you’ve been waiting for?

Well, with pain, uncertainty, and the inevitable change that’s happening right now…

You have two choices:

– Change for the worse.

– Or change for the better.

But you also have an opportunity!

An opportunity to use this ‘significant life point’ that’s been handed to you, and use it to dramatically improve your life.

Because I know each and every one of you has ‘that thing’ that you want to do.

But there hasn’t been a big enough kick up the arse to do it.

– Life was easy.
– Life was stable.
– Life was secure.
– Life was comfortable.

Well, now it’s not.

What excuse do you have now?

Not like your job? How about finally creating your own dream business.

Not like your partner? How about finally letting go and searching for a better relationship with yourself.

Feel stuck in your environment? How about exploring the possibility of freedom and travel.

All of these things are possible, but sometimes we need to snap out of ‘normal’ and start to see things differently.

Whilst everything is up in the air at the moment…

Rather than allowing things to slip out of control, use this significant life point to take control!

The choice is yours.

Who knows, the Coronavirus could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for?

If you let it…

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