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Tyanna Shama

Fees Per Hour
£200.00 to £268.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Transitional Life Coaching & NLP, including my 12 Week NLP Breakthrough programme and laser sessions.

Who Do I Help?

I help self-doubting professional women by empowering them to develop a strong mindset, so they can find fulfilment and live in true authenticity.

About Me

Today I am living a life I had once only dreamed about.

Today I lead a life of Confidence, Self-Love, Authenticity and empowered fulfilment, but it wasn’t always that way.

I became a carer for my mum as a young child, before spending a long time in foster care. Both my parents passed away when I was very young and I harboured a lot of pain and bottled-up resentment for a long time. I never felt like I was enough and was constantly drowning in self-doubt, lack of confidence and self-hatred. I was engulfed in what was then, a constant state of negativity and self-doubt, as I continued to exist in what felt like my unchangeable mediocre life. I was living life completely in Black and White, desperately seeking colour. Then one day after feeling the weight of my thoughts and behaviours for far too long for once I chose myself.

Through the powers of coaching, NLP, mindset and personal development I am now living life in colour!
My life has a purpose and I finally built the courage and confidence to pursue my dreams and start my own business. I am an empathetic, passionate, authentic and empowered coach, who leads with her heart and knows exactly what is required to create the transformation your life needs.

​Self-doubt, limiting beliefs and a negative mindset no longer hold me back as I now coach amazing women all of over the world.

My vision is to help women worldwide to live confidently through their own authenticity with complete self-love, confidence and empowerment.

 I love myself; I love my life and I love that I can show you how to do the same.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Master 2020.
NLP Practitioner Certification 2020.
Reiki Level 1 Certification 2021.


I offer a 12- Week Self-Belief & Empowerment Programme: Comprising of bi-weekly 1 hour 1:2:1 coaching sessions, regular check-ins and support, execution plans and activities to support your programme and development, plus an initial 2 hour deep-dive Clarity session for £1200. Alternatively, I offer one-off laser sessions for £200 P/H.

How I Work

I work online via video sessions using Zoom. This includes recordings of our sessions, typed notes upon request and further execution plans and homework to support your development and progress. I am always by your side providing full support, encouragement and accountability.


Yasmine – Where can I start? After only 1 session with Tyanna, I had 2 massive breakthroughs and faced 2 massive deep-rooted fears that are have been holding me back so in my life and I face them with ease both in one week!!! Our session was deep and powerful and I almost cried when she did the exercise on me and I never cry! Tyanna is a gentle yet motivating person and has the most loving soul and her energy is beautiful!…. highly recommend it if you want to face your fears and change your life! Thanks, Tyanna for listening to me so deeply, you repeated back my own words to me in a way that was so empowering to me. Very grateful x

Imogen – I have had incredible experiences being coached by Tyanna. I found it hard to find my confidence and self-belief, but with Tyanna’s coaching, she helped me see a completely different side to myself and help break down fear. My self-belief is truly growing and I am on my way to achieving my goals! I highly recommend being coached by Tyanna, she is so supportive and knows just what you need in each session.
Tyanna thank you for guiding me into my own light! I am forever grateful!

Cally – In only one session, Tyanna helped me to get myself out of a very destructive thought cycle. 
With a visual exercise, I was able to identify and call out my limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, allowing me to see them with clarity and look upon them with compassion. Most importantly, she helped me to identify and reinforce my positive inner qualities and remember that they are always there underneath, guiding me. With her guidance I was able to introduce my negative thinking to the positive and encourage them to work together. As someone who has struggled a great deal with inner conflict, I found this incredibly effective. I honestly was not expecting to feel such a difference after just one session. All the material she used was my own and her manner was very warm, supportive, engaging and incredibly encouraging. I left feeling lifted, more confident and with a strong drive to persevere with my journey of self-love and growth. I cannot wait to continue working with her and with myself! 
This has been an enormous boost for me during these tough times and I cannot recommend her enough. 

Tasha – My coaching sessions with Tyanna were amazing! I didn’t realise how negative my process of thoughts was or how I could change it by simply changing my thought process and being positive instead of negative. Tyanna was there to listen, help and guide and it was such a positive experience. I instantly felt like I could say however I was feeling with absolutely no judgement. And feeling comfortable talking to someone is so important and this is just so natural for Tyanna. Also, the exercises that Tyanna gave me to do helped massively! What a lovely and amazing woman and Transitional Life Coach! And I would 100% recommend having Tyanna as your coach. She opened up my eyes to so many things and she will do the same for you!