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The Wandering Coach Ltd

Fees Per Hour
£150.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Helping professional women break away from a life that no longer serves them to achieve ultimate freedom and goals.

Who Do I Help?

I help professional women wanting to break away from the 9-5 that no longer serves them in order to reach their goals and achieve ultimate freedom.
I am a professional too and have been for my entire career and I understand how you can feel shackled and a shadow of your former self when you are no longer aligned with the job that gives you no purpose anymore.

About Me

I am an emotional type of person who can sense how people are feeling and I use this skill in my coaching to be able to shift your perspective and aim for your goals and get on track as I know you are feeling stuck. I have always been interested in helping people especially when I used to work in public service and was regularly praised for my customer service and ability to help people resolve problems. I have been a Coach in the education sector until recently and whilst I have enjoyed some of my time there it is no longer aligned with my life-long goals, which are to travel the world and have time freedom. You can see my previous coaching reviews on linked in along with recommendations in terms of my overall character. I am an open book, so within reason, you can ask me anything. Just keep it professional!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Foundation Coaching certificate – The Coaching Masters 2022.
Working towards a Coaching Accreditation – The Coaching Masters 2022.

Over 1 year working as a Skills Coach supporting people with education-based goals. I have received feedback via my Linked In that you are welcome to go and explore. https://www.linkedin.com/in/katy-andrews-60a372162/


Freedom Package
£1000 to £150
1 x 2-hour breakthrough video call – To understand your goals, and any barriers and get to know you, and work towards some achievable actions.
11 x 1-hour coaching video calls to explore, and use coaching methods and strategies along with mentoring and guidance to help you work towards getting closer to your goals.
Whatsapp/Facebook or Skype communications throughout your program so that you can feel supported and be accountable.
Price all for £1599 to be paid via bank transfer once a contract is agreed and signed.

How I Work

Online video sessions and communications through Skype/Facebook or any other platform are deemed appropriate.
Once I understand your needs after the discovery call and break-through session I forward plan what we will discuss each week.
Some of our discussions and any questions I ask will be based on you and what achievements you have had in the week or barriers. You will find the sessions will flow and you may be motivated and back on track by the time we meet again. I am straight-talking but approachable. I will establish your communication style and use questioning techniques based on your style.


Katy has been my skills coach since August 2021 and she has really helped me with my confidence in myself and put up with my millions of questions! She is such a lovely and supportive skills coach and I’m sad she won’t be with me anymore!

I am so grateful to Katy for all of the work she has done with me including her advice that she was always willing to give. She has always spoken to highly of me and my work and this has helped me to feel the same about what I am producing and help me to work harder and better everytime.

Thanks for everything Katy! I couldn’t have done this without you, very lucky to have had you as my skills coach over this period of time! Daniela A

Katy has been my Skills Coach throughout my level 3 apprenticeship in HR Support since April 2021. Katy has gone above and beyond on many occasions to support me both with my coursework and my mental health. I truly believe I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have without her in my corner. She’s helped me across many hurdles and gone out of her way to check on me.
During a period of redundancy she kept me going and gave me regular pep talks and application advice, even extending my search to her contacts and working hard to allow me to continue my apprenticeship. She is a kind hearted, knowledgeable, resourceful and an asset to any business. Hannah L