Natalia Ingram

Fees Per Hour
£39.00 to £501.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Internationally Accredited Coach with a specialism in Personal Empowerment, Youth Mindset, Team Synergy for Business.
*Coaching from the heart, NOT from the rule book*

Who Do I Help?

I offer affordable & accessible empowered mindset coaching for all, where I kickstart the journey to unlocking fearless strength, clarity & confidence so that you can discover your hidden potential & become unstoppable. Personal Empowerment. Youth Mindset. Team Synergy for business

About Me

Hi, I’m Natalia,

NIC is not just my job, it is my passion. As the founder and CEO of NIC, I pride myself on being honest and open. If there’s an unanswered question, take a moment to drop me a line and I will happily answer it.

The most important thing that you could ever know about me, is that I am NOT perfect. Perfection is an unrealistic illusion. But that hasn’t stopped me aiming to be the best version of me. That’s how I got here.

You see, there was a time where my life read like a who’s who of traumas and unhealthy coping mechanisms. I was a mess. My past has so many stories in it, that if I hadn’t lived it, I might believe it was a bestselling work of fiction.

But living those stories and overcoming those experiences is what has given me my greatest strengths. What I am now, is confident in my purpose, proactive in my planning and realistic in the expectations I attach to myself. I aim for continued progress, every day. That progress took me from unemployed, divorcing, having stress-induced seizures and being 30k in debt… to being healthy, powerful, happy and the successful owner of my own internationally accredited coaching company…in TWO years.

In my opinion, there is no substitute for experience. I understand the impact that mindset can have on your life and your choices. Nobody can be expected to give 100% to anything if they feel disconnected, dispensable or invisible.
But I am living proof that if you know how YOU can get past those obstacles and elevate yourself to live a life you can only dream of right now.

It’s my mission, to show disconnected employees how to find a clear path through the chaos, so they can focus and reignite their passion for their work again.

It’s my mission, to support our youth while they struggle to understand their emotions so that the next generation will be that little bit more comfortable in their own skin.

It’s my mission, to build a coaching empire so authentic, empathetic and impactful that it makes my experiences worth it one thousand times over. Low-cost coaching from the heart, not the rule book. I won’t be a millionaire, but I will be valuable, happy and have a world-class purpose. Whether it’s on a personal level or a professional one, I believe everyone deserves that chance.

It’s my vision to create mental clarity for all so that they can become confident, fearless…. UNSTOPPABLE when stepping into their future.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Empowerment & Team Synergy Coach – 8 months
Substance Misuse Recovery – 11 months
Applied Behaviour Analysis therapist – 10 months
Children’s Therapeutic support (Complex Emotional Behaviours) – 3 years 2 months
Substance Misuse Recovery – 1 year 8 months

IAPC&M International Accreditation in Coaching (Via The coaching masters)
PGC, Psychology 2:1 – University of Liverpool
Bachelor of Science BS, BSc (hons) Criminology with Forensic science 2:2 – University of Lincoln.


Empowerment Package: £40 a month includes:
1. A 1:1 breakthrough session each month
2. Access to a private client-only community
3. Weekly group calls on topics specifically voted on by the group
4. Follow up Q&A sessions on FB live
5. Accountability whilst you work on smashing your goals
6. Up to 60 minutes of social media private correspondence
7. Priority access to any eBook/help blogs/resources I create
–Level up with the Elevate package which includes 3 extra 1:1 sessions a month for just £99 extra.

How I Work

I work mainly online via video session, however, I do offer the option for a face to face session depending on location and accessibility.
The recording will be available upon request. Zoom or Google meet is the preferred method of video call. I also take brief notes down at the end of a session to help me to best serve you in your next one.


Samantha Phillips, Residential Autism Support worker: 01/03.20- When life feels like it’s all too much, I know I can seek her guidance. She helps me to break things down and see what’s fact and what’s feeling. She helps me to refocus and set realistic goals. If I have slip-ups and feel like I’ve failed, she helps me to see things are never as bad as I think they are and to refocus on the positives. I definitely recommend contacting her to help you through.

Brandon Pallatina, Contractor/Tradesman 06.03.20- I am on the autism spectrum and she helped me understand things when I was struggling and helped save my relationship. I felt comfortable and able to open up without feeling judged. She explained things in a way I would understand and be very empathetic and approachable and her words were a big help to me.

Helen Woodward, Certified Nursery Nurse. 06/07/20- Natalia has been a massive help to me over these past few months. She always knows how to put a positive spin on a negative and helps you to see things from a different way of thinking.

Catherine, Shropshire NHS Intensive support at Clinical Commission Governance 24/06/20- Natalie is positive and helpful. Natalie worked so hard to support and encourage our client JJ to get into rehab. JJ really appreciated Natalie’s work and found it easy to connect with her. Highly recommend her guidance.

Georgie Lloyd, UK government Analytical Chemist. 08.09/20 Natalia is very approachable and professional. On many occasions when I have gone to her for assistance in my personal and professional life she has always listened intently and never made me feel self-conscious but at ease. She has made me feel comfortable while giving me pointers and advice about every issue as well as a positive way to approach them in order to move forward. I would definitely recommend her, thanks again for all of your advice.

Martin Llewellyn Paxton- Kruger, Herbalife 10/08/20-A big thank you to Natalie for the time afforded to me. It was really helpful discussing the mind shift from employee to entrepreneur. Natalie made me very comfortable and helped me find workable solutions moving forward. I highly recommend working with Natalie. Super friendly, easy to relate to and a very relaxed session with incredible value. Grateful Natalie, book your session.



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Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins