Muftah Dagali

Fees Per Hour
£75.00 to £250.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

In my 12 weeks program, I help ambitious men and women to orchestrate a Physical Excellence, Unstoppable Mindset & live a Fulfilling Life. We achieve physical excellence by focusing on Smart Nutrition, Herculean Performance, and Lifestyle Mastery. We build an unstoppable mindset by developing undeniable confidence, having a 5-stars personal standard and having powerful productivity. We also focus on living a fulfilling life by emerging undying purpose, creating thriving relationships, and having an empowering spirituality.

If this sounds like what you are looking for. Send me the phrase “coaching masters” and let’s see if we are a good fit.

Who Do I Help?

I help ambitious men and women who wants to get into the best shape of their life and live a fulfilling life. They know they deserve better, but they are stuck with their fitness and health

About Me

You work hard and you want to build something great out of your life. You know you deserve it and you are searching very hard for it. You might be working for a company, and you are looking to climb the corporate ladder, or you want to start your business on the side, but you don’t really know what you should do.

Your focus on your career came at the expense of your fitness and wellbeing. You believe that you don’t have time to waste on fitness and getting in shape. I could really relate to that. Many of my clients come to me with the same concerns. I can’t waste my time at the gym, I have so much to do.

You are right, if you want to be successful, you can’t waste any more time being out of shape. Being out of shape is costing you so much. Way more than what you could imagine. In fact, my client Alan was shocked by the revenue his company generated by the end of 2021. After reflecting on what might have caused this spike in revenue. He told me, he is 100% convinced that his new level of confidence, his super high energy and his powerful productivity allowed him to close more deals and deliver quicker and better services.

I help highly ambitious men and women to orchestrate Physical Excellence, Unstoppable Mindset & live a Fulfilling Life.

If this sounds like something you will be interested in. Get in touch now and let’s see if we are a good fit for each other.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer.

BSC Biomedical Sciences (focus on the physiology of exercise and Anatomy) 2018

MSC in Nutrition. 2019

Half a PhD (if you want to know why I stopped it, get in touch, I am more than happy to share) 2021

Currently doing Accredited Coaching Masters 2022

7 years experience in the fitness industry

I helped 156 (probably more when you get in touch) men and women to transform their lives physically and mentally.


The fitness dominators program. It is a 12-week program. It is comprised of:
1. Plan (exactly what you need to do to help you transform your body from where it is right now to where you desire it to be)
2. Training (group training twice a month to talk about the different tools, skills, and knowledge you require to orchestrate physical excellence, unstoppable mindset and living a fulfilling life)
3. Support (I have an app, where you could message me and receive 1-to-1 support when needed)
4. Accountability (I will keep you accountable for your transformation)
5. Community (Be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will pick you up when you fall down, will cheer for you when you win and will hold you to higher standards than you have ever held yourself up to).

This is a lifetime investment to get your body and mind in the best shape of your life. All of the above for £1,497.

How I Work

The plan, support and accountability will be done via my app.

The training will be done via Zoom.

The community will be on the Facebook group.

I also do at least 3 live events every year, where we meet in person and do fun things.


Charlotte C
I started working with Muftah 11 weeks ago and it is one of the best decisions I ever made!! In the short time we have been working together I have lost nearly two stone!!! and more than that I haven’t been starving myself AND I am so much stronger and fitter now AND I’m starting to notice my body tone is changing as the majority of the weight loss is fat. If you had asked me 11 weeks ago I would have thought this would be impossible & I could never achieve the body I wanted. When we started working together I was super shy in the gym, had no idea what I was doing and was totally lost. I wanted to lose weight and get fitter and stronger, but had no idea how to do it without making myself miserable. I have never trained properly before and was really scared. From the get go, Muftah is one of the most energetic and positive people you will ever meet. He is so passionate about your success and is 100% my biggest cheerleader. Muftah put me at ease immediately and showed me how to do everything, building up my confidence so that now I feel comfortable and safe doing the exercises by myself. When you train his attention is 100% on you, checking your form, watching that everything is ok and even doing cardio with you. What’s amazing is that Muftah also helps with your diet, which has been absolutely critical to my progress. He is incredibly knowledgable about training and nutrition, which is SO useful – there is so much misinformation out there it’s great to be able to ask Muftah anything and get a response based on the science (as a biology PhD student this matters to me a lot!!). When I hurt my ankle, Muftah researched and changed my training program so that I could recover, whilst still making the same progress towards my goals. I genuinely used to hate exercise and now my whole mindset has changed, like I look forward to going to the gym?!?! Our sessions are so fun – Muftah pushes you just out of your comfort zone and has shown me that I’m capable of so much more than I thought before. I absolutely cannot recommend Muftah enough – I feel so lucky to have him as my PT!

Choosing to work with Muftah has been the best decision I have made in a very long time. He came into my life at a time where I had neglected myself for so long that I hardly recognised what I saw in the mirror and how I felt in my body. I knew I had to make changes, but didn’t know where to start. Returning to gym post lockdown was intimidating and I just felt a bit a lost. I wasn’t looking for a PT, but Muftah offered a free taster session so I could see if I liked his style of training, and how could I not! He is such a warm, bright and energetic person, who genuinely loves what he does and the quality of his work reflects that. Since training with Muftah I have lost almost a stone, I am eating mindfully, feeling stronger and healthier, and feel so much happier. I absolutely could not have made such consistent and successful changes without Muftah’s relentless enthusiasm and guidance. I love our training sessions, and enjoy how he pushes me to my limit but always safely. I have a few injuries that can flare up from time to time, and Muftah has been great at accommodating adaptations when necessary. During sessions he is completely focused on you – analysing your technique, paying attention to detail and form to ensure you get the best from your workout whilst training safely, whilst also being your best cheerleader! The support he provides outside of sessions has also been invaluable, he is the voice of reason in times of doubt and he helps keep me accountable which is really appreciate. I look forward to making lifelong sustainable changes with his impressive knowledge and guidance. Very highly recommend!

I have loads more reviews if you want to read. Here is the link:



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Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins