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Michael Felber

Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Mindset and Confidence Coach

Who Do I Help?

I help struggling Entreprenuers regain confidence and motivation to create the business and lifestyle they deserve.

About Me

Everyone has the power to choose. though through life and society values it seems many feel they are helpless against various struggles in life. Having been in the martial arts for 35 year and studying the philosophies I’ve been bale to pull myself out of tough situations. But most importantly I’ve been able to pull others out as well. Not knowing what coaching was so long ago, it’s has been a passion and natural feeling to just want to help people through hardships and get them back on their feet again and running. Not so much giving them power, but showing them they’ve had the power all along. Because you are enough and you are capable of creating anything! If you feel stuck, I’m here to help you through!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

35 years martial arts philosophies
2020 Coaching Accreditation course


free 45 minute discovery call
3 months: 1 hour weekly coaching sessions, regular checkins, 1 free 1 hour emergency session per month if needed in case life throws a curve ball for 1500$
one off 1 hour session for 150$

How I Work

I utilize Video zoom calls for sessions. Notes and recording are by request.


Irasema P. Mike Felber yees!! Thank you Mike. You’re the bomb!
Nicola P.
Mike Felber I am super grateful for our session today.

I noticed how at ease and natural Mike is when coaching and his ability to add humour and his own personality to the sessions made me realise I just need to be MYSELF also. We aren’t all carbon copies of each other and I need to let myself flow.

I learnt that I have all the tools I need already to make my business a success and I’m allowed to have days where I’m unmotivated and down and overwhelmed. We all do! Mike made me realise these days can be used as opportunities to post online content about how I’m feeling to connect with others.

Thanks so much 😁
Hollie L.

I was petrified to hop on the live workshop because I knew I was feeling overwhelmed emotionally from the topic.

I basically told myself off and made myself go on the call.

Well, I definitely didn’t regret it!

The lovely Mike Felber coached me on the call and I went from tense with anxiety through the roof – to feeling calm and relieved from getting it off my chest.

Coaching isn’t just about coaching and helping others -it’s also for helping you becoming the best you could be. Allowing yourself to let go and make way for the better.
Vicky L.

Had a lovely coaching session with Mike Felber last night. Mike got down to the root of a few things and gave me things to think about all day today and a task … he confirmed some things I knew and also some hidden things too
I was surprised how open I was with him via questions he asked and this has left me feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable after the call
It was amazing to get to a point …. and I know what I’m leaving behind from now on can’t wait to do a goals session to moving forward
Thanks mike , u was really amazing and it’s stuck with me all day ❤️
Sissa B.

My session with Mike Felber was the perfect way to end my AMAZING day. Mike is always so fabulously engaging, I take my hat off to him for always being able to save the day and help me see the obvious with so much ease, he makes it easy for us to dig the answer within ourselves. So here’s to you Mike, for always doing a masterly job!!!!! Your business name NAILS it! Mindset MASTERY for entrepreneurs. Yup!!!!!! Absolutely!!! We are so lucky to have you and so will the world out there!!!!! xxx