Lauren Magee

Fees Per Hour
£140.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

A motivated and relaxed Coach here to help you. Experienced and wanting to help people understand their true value!

Who Do I Help?

I help people 20-35 who feel stuck, who want to go from Steps A-B but don’t know how, to transform their mindset and become the person they have always wanted to be. To live the lifestyle they didn’t think was possible, and be motivated by the vision they can see.

About Me

Vision has no limits… because the hardest part was starting the Journey.

I myself was doubtful, moved out and rented a house when I was 18. I wanted to be independent so when my parents relocated to Cumbria and I wanted to stay where I currently was 4 hours away I was exposed to the real word. I had a full time job as a paint sprayer, continuously applying for other jobs but getting no where! I would spend most of my weekends drunk, not really caring about to much not taking my future seriously waiting for opportunities to come to me. Fast forward a couple of year I got made redundant- In and out of jobs for 18 months not knowing where I fit in not liking anything! Anxiety was building up, I felt low, I felt useless.

Then I woke up one day and said No in my head “c’mon now, you HAVE to go out and work for it yourself”. I was 18 when I first moved out, at the age of 24 I had bought my first house and running a coaching business. Something I am so proud of not thinking I was worth it or possible.

I have friends my age, 25, saying how?? how have you done it. And it’s that mindset I want to help you with! That motivation where you feel invincible because as long as you are doing something to go in the right direction you WILL achieve it.

I want you to reach your goal, have the correct mindset and feel motivated. But most of all know your value! I am here for you to achieve your goals and look back in a years time to go… yeah I said I WOULD do it…. and I HAVE done it!

That transformation if it’s in your lifestyle, your daily mindset or your relationships.

Because I genuinely believe if I can do it, anyone can. No bullshit, I just have a pure passion to help others.

No one ever moved stood still and time waits for no one.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Foundation Coaching Certificate Coaching Masters
Level 3 Extended Diploma Sport
Level 2 Fitness Instructor


I offer a 8 week or 12-week Coaching Programme tailored and bespoke just for you and your goals. This includes 1 hour weekly coaching sessions, regular phone check ins, full support from myself 7 days a week and an initial 90 minute deep-dive breakthrough session before week 1 even begins!

This is all included in a 8 week programme for £1,100.
Or it’s all included in a 12 week programme for £1,600.

How I Work

I work online doing video sessions via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This also Includes a recording of our session, with permission, and typed session notes to reflect back on.


Chloe- Well what can I say, Lauren was patient with me understood where I needed to be and had a very chilled out manner! She spoke to me in a way I understood and gave me direction to where I wanted to be- I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

James- I went to Lauren for help with mindset & relationship coaching. Within 3 sessions I started to see things in a different way and could focus on things the way I wanted to. The plan was tailored for me and she really listened to what I wanted for it. Booked in for another 8 weeks and looking forward to it! Thank you!