Antwan Winkfield

Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

I am the flyest trach-wearing, oxygen needing ventilator-dependent coach you will ever hire. A desire to inspire and bring the Best You Out of You.

Who Do I Help?

I help clients struggling to reach their life goals. Life is filled with setbacks, challenges, hardships, adversities, and a ton of uncertainties. Depending on your confidence, your attitude, or mindset, the negativity could break you, preventing you from wanting to push forward. My overall goal is to empower clients to unlock their inner Superpower I Like To Call Resilience.

About Me

Defying the odds. Living beyond any diagnosis, trauma, or setback in life, you have a choice. My passion is to help you decide if you will conquer life or allow it to set you back. I am Antwan Winkfield, the flyest trach-wearing, oxygen needing, ventilator-dependent Child of God you will ever hire. My career as a warrior started at the age of 2. By the time I was 8, I had already undergone a total of 8 spinal surgeries in an attempt to straighten my spine. I was born with severe Scoliosis and Neurofibromatosis. Later into adulthood, I was diagnosed with Restrictive Chronic Lung Disease. Now 36 years old, I have survived a total of 16 surgeries, 30 hospitalizations, and four near-death experiences. I never allowed any of the madness to stop me from living life and going after my dreams. Despite the restrictions doctors attempted to put on me, I took all the hardship and allowed it to motivate me. I refused to be a victim, and I refused to let my disability define who I was.

I genuinely believe my problems are no bigger than anyone else; we all go through tough times in life. The only thing that makes us different: HOW WE DECIDE TO RESPOND. Any time you are faced with a problem in life, you can allow it to be an anchor and let it weigh you down. Or you can let it give you wings and fly higher than ever. I am a proud 1st Generation College Graduate, earning a Bachelors of Social Work from The University of Kansas and later a Master in Bussiness Administration from The University of Baker.

At a very young age, I decided I wanted to live. I knew the road would not be easy, but I committed to myself that I would always keep fighting and pushing forward. I understand life is not easy, but with the right attitude, the right mindset, and my sense of belief, I’ve been able to overcome more than ever, and YOU can too.

Life comes down to a decision, and one decision can change the entire direction of your life.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

In Training, but I have 36 years of life experience… I’ve been battling health issues my entire life and never allowed my disability to stop me from attacking life.


Transformation takes I will be offering a 6 Month Program for Both Group & One on One Services. The package will include the following:

Group Package
2/90 Sessions Per Month (45mins of teaching/45 mins Q&A)
3 1:1 30 Min Coaching Calls Throughout The 6 Months
Digital Recordings of All Sessions
Email Access/911 Help
Private Facebook Group
Jump Start Introduction Call

6-12 Month VIP 1:1 Coach
2/ 1:1 30Min Coaching Calls Per Month
Access To The 2/ 90Min Group Session Each Month
Digital Recordings of All Sessions
Email/ Phone Access 911 Calls
Private Facebook Group
Jump Start Introduction Call

For Clients not wanting long terms services, I also offer hourly sessions as well.

How I Work

I work via video session if you are local and want in-person sessions that can be discussed. My long-term program runs as a rolling program; each month, I will teach on a specific topic that will help to enhance your confidence, mindset, and view of life. The overall goal: Help You Manage All The Uncertainties of Life. My 6 Month program will equip you to use overwhelming force against those hardships, challenges, and adversities we face in life so that you will always stay in the fight and continue going after your goals.

My One-on-One V.I.P Program will completely be customized according to the Clients needs. The Client will also have access to all group sessions.

Clients looking for short-term service will pay hourly. After having our ReSet Call, we will develop a game plan to help you reach your desired goal/s.

All Clients will receive digital copies of all sessions and any session notes.


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