Alan smith

Fees Per Hour
£100.00 to £120.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Coach – Mindset, Career, Relationships, Positive Habits

Who Do I Help?

I help people in their 20s and 30s break free from feeling trapped and living confined in social expectations, to discover their true purpose and a life of freedom and adventure.

About Me

I want to help as many people as I can to live more fulfilled lives, follow their dreams and tackle the barriers in their way. Whilst I offer professional services that have seen my clients achieve great results, I believe learning should always be fun, especially when you are learning about yourself, and discovering you are capable of so much much more than you realised.

Prior to this, I had a long and successful career in a broad range of corporate environments both in the public and private sectors. I was always drawn to roles that supported people and spent the most part of my career in customer experience roles, up to the Director level.

I left school at 16 after taking my GCSEs as I never really knew what I wanted to do – If only I knew about coaching back then. I spent the first few years of my career exploring a range of different roles from hospitality, retail, logistics to sales. At the time, I felt that I just couldn’t find my calling – my friends had all gone to university and were so sure of their futures when I had no idea. What I realised is that I loved helping people, it was the common theme in all my roles! Working through the ranks, I developed a strong reputation in management and leadership roles, developed skills in public speaking, coaching and mentoring and have supported many people along the way. I returned to education in my mid 20’s whilst working full time when I studied for a degree and then my masters, I then returned to studying again to become a certified coach.

My passion for coaching led me to pursue my own dream of starting my own business and creating a community of clients who I get the honour to know deeply and personally, the pleasure to be part of their journey and the privilege to see them achieve their own dreams and ambitions.

I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seemed to be holding them back in life. I believe life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled, and there really is no blueprint to how you should live yours – it’s fine to want more or something different.

I am here to help my clients achieve a more positive outlook on life, and provide them with support and all the tools necessary to get them there. I’d love to help you find your freedom, achieve your dreams, and learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in your way.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Master 2021
Masters (MA) in Management and Leadership – First Class Hons
Degree (BA) in Management and Leadership – First Class Hons
Trained Mediator


12 week programme £1000
weekly 1 hr coaching session, with regular phone/ text check ins and an initial free discovery session.
One off sessions at £120 per hour

How I Work

I work online via video session, which include an optional recording, notes and support throughout the week.


I was first introduced to Alan through a mutual friend.

I was interested in exploring life coaching having tried therapy and having a knowledge of this as a health care professional myself.

I can honestly say that life coaching with Alan has been better than any therapy I have had in the past.

Making positive goals has been very useful for me.

Alan has been non-judgemental and positive and has never put pressure on me to change if I didn’t feel ready. Together we have set realistic goals which helped me get back into employment after a difficult period in my life.

Having Alan as a reliable and encouraging coach has made me feel more confident in my decisions and has provided reassurance where I needed this. He has used different methods to help me reassess my goals and hopes for the future and has also been fun to talk to. He has helped in a variety of areas including personal relationships, career, emotions and has helped me to focus on what goals to prioritise.

I think his approach is really helpful and I have appreciated his positive mindset. Alan is extremely well qualified as a coach and, being successful in his own right, I felt sure that his suggestions and pointers would always be helpful.

I could not recommend Alan’s services enough and if considering taking up life coaching, my advice would be try it and you will not be disappointed as it is worth the personal investment. Alan goes over and above to help people with their personal development. I’m extremely grateful to him for having helped me and always providing a reliable and interesting perspective.