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Change Your Life Whilst Helping Others by Becoming an Internationally Qualified & Accredited Coaching Master [Even If You’re Just Starting Out!]

Change Lives From Anywhere In The World by Learning The Most Powerful Coaching Tools, Techniques & Frameworks On The Internet As A Fully-Accredited Transformational Online Coach

Introducing The Coaching Masters 12 Week Accredited Online Training Course!​

This is NOT another course, this is a Live Interactive Training Experience with 1:2:1 Classroom-Style Online Workshops!

discover The 3 Simple Secrets To Finding The Right Coaching Training For You


How to Stand Out From Other Online Coaches, Even if You Have No Experience In Coaching!


How to Have The Confidence To Know You Can Change Anyone’s Life With a Single Session!


How to Build a Wildly Successful Coaching Business, Without Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed

Is This You?


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You were told to spend $30k on a degree, get a job, work hard, buy a home, pay your bills and… Not much else!

You slowly realised that you wanted more than this…

You looked at others and felt different in some way, you wanted to push against the grain, create impact in some way, and feel like you’re contributing to something other than just somebody else’s bank balance.

But you don’t have a clue how to achieve it.

Fear and lack of clarity paralyses you from taking advantage of opportunities…

And you see others online, smiling, making money, traveling the world and you feel somehow that you may be different.

But here’s the thing… You’re not!

You Are Just like US!


meet THE coaching masters...

I’m Lewis. Just 6 years ago, I was in prison, suffering with substance misuse problems, trauma, mental illness, tons of debt, and basically living a life of limitations. Now, after just 2 years in business, I am teetotal, happy, healthy, an online coach, earning a multiple 6 figure income, with the luxury of being able to work wherever I want in the world!

lewis standing

I’m Liam, only 6 years ago I was a postman. No motivation and no clarity in what direction I wanted to move in. Through a powerful journey of coaching and personal transformation I have gone on to become an international success coach for high profile entrepreneurs and celebrities. I’ve continued to evolve regardless of surviving a terror attack & losing my Dad to suicide within the same year.

Liam standing

What is online transformational coaching?​

Online transformational coaching, is like having a coach that you take with you virtually instead of meeting in person. 

You find a time to meet virtually with your client, and then use powerful methods, frameworks, techniques and systems to allow the individual to make long-lasting positive transformation in their lives.

Can you actually make money from helping people?​

Damn right you can! Take it from a postman and a prisoner! The coaching industry is BOOMING!

Due to the rise of social media and online opportunities, more people are not only taking to the internet to make an income, but more people are wanting to invest in their own personal growth to become the best version of themselves in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

The best experience with The Coaching Masters! The program is absolutely amazing, very interesting content, I never had to “make” myself study, I was totally looking forward to a new lesson every week. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, I met so many amazing beginner coaches in the community, I loved the workshops. Everything was brilliant!



Polina Shakhova

Transformation Coach

How much money can you make?​

I personally made a 6-figure income within 8 months, whilst in full-time education & spending the summer traveling South-East Asia! 

Due to the transformational results and goals that people are able to achieve through coaching, the average hourly rate for coaching is anywhere between $80-$190. But can rise to up to $500-$1,000 per hour, for more established coaches. 

And that’s not to mention, writing books, selling courses, selling-out events, and affiliate commission from YouTube and all sorts of other opportunities that you will get from developing a powerful online transformational coaching brand.

What Will You Learn With The Coaching Masters?

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Dear Liam, Lewis, Bonnie and the whole TCM Team, I have to say, in a very loooong time, this is finally a program, this program is finally one where I wish it wasn’t over yet. In the last few months, my perspective on the world, on my environment and on myself has strengthened and improved. I feel elevated. It feels like a stone has been lifted from my heart, as my desires, abilities and values for a good life have been confirmed. It is a huge push factor when you are with your own group, your tribe. At the end of the program, I am a confident coach who knows how much value she brings to the lives of her clients. Time is the most important commodity that we are given. I now know how to use it to the fullest with all its ups and downs and can pass this on to my clients. I really enjoyed all the valuable content – also the fb lives. What also stood out is the didactics of your training. I´ve gone through so many boring and theoretical training where I already have forgotten everything 1 sec after I left the training. But you guys made it vivid, fun, and crystal clear! I am a trainer myself and I can promise you that you are at the top of the game! Thank you so much for everything!


Lisa Grum

Mindset and Business Coach

topics Covered

WEEK 1: Introduction to Coaching

  • Transformation: The Definition of Coaching & more specifically how you can use it online to transform lives whilst making money
  • Style: The different types of therapy, coaching styles & approaches to discover where you sit in the industry once you’re accredited!
  • Mastery: How to become a Coaching Master! (Which is where the real magic happens!)

WEEK 2: Analysing Your Clients

  • Analyse: Expertly analyse your clients by understanding whether they are visual, auditory or kinaesthetic processers. So incredibly powerful in coaching and everyday life!
  • Measure: Discover what matters to your client to professional standard with The Wheel of Life. A classic model that has stood the test of time within the coaching industry.
  • Explore: With ‘The 13 Questions’ you will get to know your client better than they know themselves!

WEEK 3: Problem Solving & Goal Setting

  • Solutions: Discover how changing your language will put your client into a solution focused mindset from the very start.
  • Questions: You will begin to master what we call Solution Focused Questions. These questions are designed to drive your client forward and are incredibly effective.
  • GROW: Combine those Solution Focused Questions with an age-old coaching model called GROW, and you have the perfect combination of tools to solve ANY problem!

WEEK 4: Exploring Change

  • Change: Why is change important? One of the most vital questions you will explore as a Coaching Master in training. Without change, coaching doesn’t exist!
  • Neurological: The 6 Neurological Levels of Change. Wow! One of the most incredible coaching techniques in existence! That’s a huge statement and so true, just you wait.
  • Purpose: One of the biggest questions (and sometimes difficult to answer). Learn how to drill down to your client’s true motivation for wanting change in their life. Powerful!

WEEK 5: Shifting Perspective

  • Perception: One of the most vital parts of transformation in life. Learn how to shift your client’s perspective so that their problems no longer exist!
  • Reframing: We do this by a series of powerful techniques that are called Reframes. When you learn how to reframe like a champion, you will be changing lives all day.
  • Life-Changing: If you can change someone’s perspective then you can change their life because perspective is everything. Very exciting!

WEEK 6: Beliefs

  • Power: Discover the true power of beliefs and learn how they hold us back when they limit us. Limiting Beliefs are the number one reason why people don’t succeed.
  • Challenge: The first step in this two-step process is all about challenging the limiting belief! This will start to break it down and can be totally lifechanging on it’s own.
  • Belief: Step two shows you how to get your clients off of a negative Belief Cycle and onto a Positive one. This two-step process will allow you to change your clients life forever.

WEEK 7: Powerful Questions

  • Map: Learn how The 9 Question structure will always keep you on track and will allow you to deliver a powerful coaching session 100% of the time.
  • Magic: The 4 Magic Questions will have your clients getting in touch with their intuition and their inner selves to uncover some deep-rooted answers.
  • Shock: The 6 Shocking Questions will leave your client jaw dropped and temporarily speechless. This is vital in order to keep them in touch with the coaching process.

WEEK 8: Overcoming Fear

  • Defences: Gain a deep understanding of fear. What it is and where it comes from. This is vital if you want to help your clients overcome fear. Which is a MUST in coaching!
  • F.E.A.R: Learn how to master the F.E.A.R Model. This 4-stage process will allow your clients to move through even the most deeply rooted fears that are holding them back.
  • Action: Allow your clients to go on a process that will stop them from trying to fight the fear. Instead they will learn how to feel the fear and take action anyway!

WEEK 9: : Confidence Masterclass

  • Confidence: This week you will learn how there is no such thing as an unconfident person. Everyone has the ability to feel amazingly confident and you will learn how!
  • Natural: Discover the power of what we call Natural Confidence. This is a type of confidence that is available to everyone and can be developed over time.
  • Inner: Then combine that with the skilful art of Inner Confidence. This type of confidence can be called upon in any moment. Almost like having a Super Power!


  • Launchpad: This information will give you the perfect launchpad into the world of NLP. An incredibly effective style of coaching that really digs down into your client’s subconscious.
  • Bedrock: During this special NLP focused week you will be looking at the bedrock of NLP. It’s a model called The NLP Communication model and it can be used to change your entire life!
  • Brain: Deletion. Distortion. Generalisation. These are 3 of the ways that all humans process information. You will learn how to master these 3 things and therefore control how you view the world!

WEEK 11: Goal Setting

  • 10X: You are about to learn the way that true Coaching Masters set goals. Understanding that traditional goal setting is weak, we take it to the next level!
  • Targets: A Coaching Masters understands that goals are targets and in order for a target to be hit, it has to be clear, specific & detailed. Learn how to do the same with your goals.
  • 7 Stages: This is where you’ll master the 7 stages of Well Formed Outcomes. A 7 stage process that will allow you to define your goals so much that it will be impossible not to hit them!

WEEK 12: Overview & Reflection

  • Magic: It’s been a long 12 weeks and totally packed with value. We re-cap the 12-week process in order to remember just how magic these techniques are!
  • Hybrid: Now that you possess the tools of a full-blown Coaching Master, we must also look at what other skills you can use to create the biggest impact for your clients.
  • Advanced Coaching: A Coaching Master has the confidence and creativity to develop their own questions and frameworks. Let’s learn how to think on our feet and create instant transformation.

Will you be a legally-Accredited, Coach?

accred by tcm

Yes! With the Coaching Masters Three Month Online Coaching Accreditation Programme, you will be fully-qualified and accredited by The Coaching Masters as a certified Coach.

Are The Trainers Accredited?

Yes! Both Lewis and Liam are accredited by The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring.


The Benefits of this intensive online programme!

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Annie Hitchman

Self-Love Coach

I’m pinching myself !!!

I launched my business last week completed my UL course & graduated from the Accreditation course, I thought that was an achievement in itself…

Today I signed a contract with my FIRST PAYING CLIENT for a 12-week coaching programme!!!! This is a massive milestone for me and one that came a lot faster than I anticipated. I’m so excited to put all the work in I have been taught into this client to change her life!! Keep trusting the process, it will happen!

What’s Included?​

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How Much Does It Cost?

24 hours of powerful coaching training

Accreditation Training mockup

Value $4,997

24 Hours of Interactive Workshops to practice techniques

Accreditation Workshop

Value $4,997

90 Minute Online Coaching Business Launch Intensive Masterclass from Lewis Raymond Taylor

Coaching Business Launch Masterclass mockup

Value $799

Private closed Facebook community of other transformational coaches

FB Community mockup

Value $997

Coaching Certification & Accreditation

Accreditation certificate mockup


Weekly Coaching Demonstration from TCM Co-Founder Liam James Collins

Accreditation weekly demo


Worksheets & Slides for every week of the course.

Accreditation worksheets mockup


IMG 4420

Total Value = $21,485

Usual price = $4,997

promotional price = $2997

**Subject to change & for a limited time only**

TCM Accreditation full color
Accreditation Bundle with price mockup

4 & 12 month payment plans available

What Days Are The Workshops?

Your Weekly Training: Training, Worksheets, Slides, & Demonstrations Will be Released into Your Members Area Every Friday For You to Study at a Time That Suits You.

Your Live 2-Hour Workshop: Live Workshop, feedback, & Practice Session Can be Selected from Two Times That Fit Your Time Zone: Monday at 12:00 PM UK Time or Monday at 7:00 PM UK Time

When Do You Get Started?

As soon as you Sign Up and Activate your Course, You Get Access to Week One’s Training on the Nearest Friday & We Get Started with Your 12x Weekly Workshops from the Nearest Monday!

Wait until you see our thriving global community

There is another reason why The Coaching Masters is like no other coaching training school in the world…

We have hundreds of previous students from all over the world that do ANYTHING they can to ensure new members are successful during their online coaching journey!

We have people flying around the world to meet each other, getting tattoos, getting into relationships, collaborating, and of course, coaching each other!

When we say this is a community, we REALLY mean it.

If you’re looking to become an online coach, then you’ve found something even better…

An online family!

We also have weekly live TCM TV to keep you updated with everything happening from The Coaching Masters.

The community is all about freedom, fun and fulfilment – and our entire community interact within our community fb group every single day!


Guarantees! This Is How Confident We Are!

Love It or Leave Guarantee #1: If you join, and within the first 14 days you don’t completely love the course, let us know and we’ll refund you your entire investment. No questions asked.

The Breakthrough Guarantee #2: If you’ve applied the training and haven’t given someone a powerful breakthrough that changes someone’s life, send us the recording of the session, and we will personally critique it for you!

The Free Upgrade Guarantee #3: If you’re still yet to give your clients amazing breakthroughs using these techniques after 6 months, our team will get on a 1:2:1 session with you and work with you until you can!

TCM Accreditation white gold

ready to Change lives from anywhere in the world, as a fully-accredited transformational online coach?

You will be blown away with what you’re learning here. Not only will you be able to transformation other’s lives, but applying this training to your life will be invaluable!

However, if you feel it’s not worth at least double what you’ve invested, and you’re not happy in ANY WAY…

You can have 100% of your money back! That’s our word.

MG 0107

AMAZING!! Since listening to Liam & Lewis for the first time on a free training call I was hooked by their infectious energy, their incredible stories & everything they had achieved with TCM that I had to be a part of it. The accreditation course was phenomenal, I have grown so much as a person as well as becoming an accredited coach to continue helping others change their lives. Completing the Ultimate launch course was another level! I pushed myself way out of my comfort zone every single week and launching my coaching business was such an achievement. Huge shout out and thanks to Bonnie and Dina, my course facilitators who were so encouraging, supportive and badass!! I LOVE being part of the TCM community and have made some great friends along the way! This is just the beginning and I am beyond grateful I was introduced to TCM – Liam & Lewis you ROCK!!


Claire Tully

Transformation Coach

The Alternative....

We understand that moving in a new direction can be daunting. A lot of people fear failure, rejection, embarrassment and disappointment… or maybe all four. But here’s the thing… What do you risk if you don’t take risks?

You risk looking back on your life with a deep sense of regret.

Regret that you didn’t:

….and I think you deserve that. In fact, I think everyone deserves that.

Which is why, not only can YOU become the best version of yourself right now, but you can also become the kind of person who will help OTHERS to become the best version of themselves! 

All whilst earning a huge income, and having complete and utter freedom to work whenever and wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop or smart phone.

TCM Accreditation full color


TCM Accreditation full color

Your Questions, Answered:

Of course there is a price to pay for this course, however, consider this:

Your time is far more valuable than money. You’ve only got a limited amount of time and you cannot earn any more, no matter how hard you work.
Money, however, comes and goes.
You can always make more money if you want to.
Compared to time, money is considerably less valuable.

Every single day you’re ‘spending’ lots of your very valuable time at work. At a job that you hate, which makes you feel trapped. In exchange for less valuable money.

So, you could either continue to do that.
Or you could spend a very small amount of that money on becoming a coach and building your own online Coaching business.
And finally find the freedom you’ve been looking for!

So you have to ask yourself.
Can you afford not to change the course of your life?

Not in coaching you don’t, that’s what the programme is for! However, life experience of overcoming adversity can be extremely valuable to your clients.

Nope. Again, that is what we are here to help you with.

It’s definitely helpful, but not essential as at the end of the programme we offer an intensive masterclass to get you started with launching your business!

We estimate that you will need around 4 hours per week to complete the training and qualification with us.

Then you can take advantage of our no quibble money back guarantee. Don’t worry, we only want to work with Coaches who are really ready to become powerful transformational coaches.

TCM Accreditation full color